VeronikaSexLife Complete Submission Program
VeronikaSexLife Complete Submission Program
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VeronikaSexLife Complete Submission Program



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How would this sexually open up your partner?

Rather of requesting that your partner try something new.. (which creates resistance)

This training will teach you how to lead her through your thoughts without having to ask her.

The trick is to have her do wilder and crazier things while you have sex with her, until she changes her mind about herself!!

And all of this craziness has been broken down into simple numbered steps for you to follow and lead her through swiftly and easily!

The steps are sequential, detailed, and easy to understand. You’ll also be able to start at whichever phase your partner appears to be at right now and work your way up from there.

All you have to do now is follow each step with confidence and see your beloved blossom right before your eyes!

Because there is a lot of baggage linked with these beliefs that might create excuses and resistance in many people when they first start, dominance and submission are best carried out nonverbally.

If your partner makes a lot of excuses for why she isn’t feeling well, be sure you aren’t doing any of the following:

Gripes about her lack of effort

Making assumptions about her

I’m pleading with her to try something new.

When you don’t receive what you desire, you get furious.

Acting envious

Not pursuing your goals and allowing life to pass you by







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