13 Market Moves Formula
13 Market Moves Formula
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13 Market Moves Formula



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This Advanced Trading Course will teach you the following skills:

Skill #1: Using an Appropriate Trading Strategy to Match the Market Environment

You could be using a fantastic approach in the incorrect market climate, which could spell disaster! Discover how to adapt your plan to the ever-changing market environment!

Skill #2: Knowing when to be a Bull and when to be a Bear when the markets are falling!

Everyone would be wealthy if it were as simple as buying stocks as they rise in value. Buying when equities are falling is a secret skill!

However, you don’t want to catch a “falling knife” in the stock market, when equities continue to drop over and over. Using the 13 Market Moves Formula, this skill will help you to identify the “correct” buying chances when stocks decline.

Skill #3: Knowing when to be a Bear and when to be a Bull when the markets are rising!

It is not a justification to buy just because things continue to rise. This ability will allow you to spot market tops and know when to start shorting stocks to profit from their decline while everyone else is distracted by the green screen motion of equities rising! You’ll discover how to spot bearish reversals before they occur!

The Art of Winning Stock Market Wars is Skill #4!

When the odds are in your favor, strike, and when the odds are against you, retreat, regroup, and re-evaluate.

Understanding when not to trade is a fantastic ability that most traders neglect! How useful would the talent that would have stopped you from trading on all of your terrible days where you lost a lot of money be to you if you could have avoided trading on those days?!

So, by using the 13 Market Moves Formula, you will be able to trade just on days with a high possibility of success, you will be able to be more effective. You’ll be able to avoid days when the odds are stacked against you, which means you’ll have more time to spend with your family and doing other things you enjoy!

Skill #5: Ability to use a basic 13 Market Moves Formula in under 10 minutes per day to predict what the markets will do tomorrow!

You’ll be able to execute the 13 Markets Move Formula in less than 10 minutes per day once you understand what it is and how it works.

That way, you’ll be able to save a significant amount of time that would otherwise be spent on hours of research that yields subpar results at best. When day trading and swing trading, you’ll be able to focus on a few key factors that actually matter for making huge returns!

Skill #6:Skill of identifying high chance for extremely successful days utilizing a basic 13 Market Moves Formula and a simple calendar without needing to buy any additional equipment!

There is no need for advanced technological tools or additional software. If you wanted to, you could do it on a napkin! That’s how easy and useful the 13 Market Moves Formula is!

You’ll discover market move sequences, as well as when and how to use them. No one will be able to take that skill away from you once you learn how to perform it! To perform transactions, you don’t need any software or a computer other than your brokerage account!

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