2 Girls Teach Sex – Blow Her Mind The First Time


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This approach teaches guys how to seamlessly transition from dating to the bedroom, and then provide a woman with an unforgettable experience. It features films that demonstrate how to turn on a woman and take things to the next level without being rejected.

The following topics are covered:


Secrets of Sexual Escalation

Sex Techniques That Will Blow Her Mind For The First Time

Complete Devotion To You: Total Control

Sexual Chemistry & Connection Secrets

The following are some of the extras:


Turning a Friend into a Lover

Online Deep Attraction (Online Course)

Topics covered include the following:


Make her orgasm

Several orgasm secrets

What to do if you’re still in bed after sex?

How can you put a woman in a good mood?

How to woo a lady like a pro

Without being rejected, making the first kiss

To make her incredibly horny, use foreplay tactics.

A technique for luring a woman into the bedroom after a date

How to convince a lady to say “yes” to sexual escalation

How to achieve an erection, maintain it, and increase your endurance

Making the transition from a date to the relationship you want




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