Lisa Sasevich – Automated Income Secrets
Lisa Sasevich – Automated Income Secrets
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Lisa Sasevich – Automated Income Secrets



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Are you sitting on a goldmine?

Attention entrepreneurs who want to learn automated, evergreen marketing strategies and technology secrets that attract, inspire and convert prospects into paying clients while you enjoy your freedom and get your work out into the world in a big (and automated) way!

Listen to this recorded series by your host Lisa Sasevich, the Queen of Sales Conversion and founder of The Invisible Close, plus 12 other masters who have made millions while they sleep, work, play, contribute or whatever else they feel like doing! (Because let’s face it, the freedom to live our life on our terms is a BIG reason why we became entrepreneurs in the first place!)

“Automated Income Secrets”

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It’s the entrepreneur’s dream, isn’t it? Traveling the world, working on the beach, balancing parenthood and business so you have time to both catch your kid’s soccer games and dance recitals and still bring in a handsome income to support your lifestyle and family.

But alas, for far too many people, that dream has turned into a nightmare. Instead of working where you want and when you want, you’re slaving away day and night, weekends included, and have now found your business has turned into your life, instead of the other way around.

Well, that’s all about to change! I’ve assembled 12 men and women who have all made millions AND are loving their freedom because they’re using automated, evergreen marketing and technical strategies.

I’m going to personally interview each one of them and dig in on their top strategies for how they:

. Set up the right systems to attract the perfect clients into their business using automated strategies and technologies.
. Put their business on auto-pilot so everything is automated — from marketing to sales to taking excellent care of their clients.
. Make the most of their time — they do things ONCE and then AUTOMATE it so they get the biggest reach with the smallest amount of work. (Once you know this, your gifts can be helping people all over the world without you having to say the same thing over and over again)
. And MUCH more!

(Of course, I’ll share my own secrets too!)

These are FRESH BRAND NEW interviews — nowhere else will these masters be sharing these specific tips and techniques. In fact, you won’t find any of that “same old same old” information or interviews that are blasted all over the internet. These are cutting-edge techniques, ideas and business models never revealed quite like this before.

And even more than that, these interviews focus on the HOW — unlike so many interviews that go on-and-on about the WHAT, we’re digging in and getting the behind the scenes action (and in some cases never revealed before) about the HOW.

Here are a few juicy tidbits you’ll discover from this training:

. Dozens of SPECIFIC techniques and strategies for attracting clients and inspiring them to say YES on-the-spot ALL using automated strategies.
. The EXACT steps to take to systemize your business so you can add automated technologies and strategies…EVEN if you don’t have any of that set up right now.
. Specific recommendations for technology platforms that are the best fit for your stage in your business.
. What NOT to do (and what to AVOID) when you’re setting up automated systems in your business.
. And more.

There’s a reason why most respected entrepreneurs, thought leaders and cutting edge business professionals are investing heavily right now to learn the technology, strategies and secrets to get their work out into the world in an automated way.



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