3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course by Regina Anaejionu
3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course by Regina Anaejionu
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3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course by Regina Anaejionu



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As a thought leader, you want to solve the big, meaningful problems for your clients or community, right?

But to do that on a large scale, you have to publish your ideas and get people to engage with them.

And here’s the thing about that:
When you publish your ideas online or in print, you are creating content that either depreciates (loses value over time) or appreciates (gains value).

This 3-day course is the right place for you if you’re not interested in only prioritizing content that depreciates from the moment you publish it (think: most social media content).

Just as a new car loses value as soon as you drive it off the lot, your social media content loses value seconds/minutes/hours after it’s published. Within a couple days, an individual piece of social content holds next to no value.

Though content that depreciates presents you some benefits (and we’ll cover how to get the full use out of it in our 3-day course), you’ve been feeling a pull toward creating content and sharing ideas that stand the test of time.

Perspective-shifting essays, books, and search engine optimized articles, videos, and audio episodes are examples of content that can grow in value over time (appreciate).

Think of “appreciating content” as finding the right house for you, purchasing it, (perhaps) upgrading it over time, and seeing its value just climb and climb.
That is what the right publishing projects can do for you.

[For example : one of my favorite clients had a corporation buy copies of her book for every single employee. That one book did more for her thought leadership than all the years of trying to grow on Instagram that came before it.]

Above all, you care about having the maximum impact with your ideas and work, not about posting on social media for the “fun” of it  or discovering the newest hack or tactic to “grow your following 1,000% overnight, in your sleep, even if you don’t have Wi-Fi”  . . . right?
You are a thought leader. And your ideas deserve a focused plan.

So, how do you figure out the best content pillars (categories) to publish under, what type of book/video/etc. will help you most, and how to grow a larger readership or audience of the right people for your highest thought work?
And when have you had a chance to create a focused work retreat for yourself? A time dedicated to carving the path to your vision of the future?
The 3-Day Thought Leadership Content Strategy Course is an intimate group experience with other authors, thinkers, and industry shifters like you.

You will define your thought leadership mission for the next year, discover the types of perspective-shifting content and publishing projects (a book, a podcast, a workshop series, etc.) that best fit your goals, and so much more.