Aaron Jack & Jan Frey – Freelance Software Developer
Aaron Jack & Jan Frey – Freelance Software Developer
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Aaron Jack & Jan Frey – Freelance Software Developer



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Become a developer in weeks, not months
Coding bootcamps take a full year and $30,000… and when it comes to actually getting paid, they say “Good Luck”



The hottest niche for developers in 2021
eCommerce developers make $1000 – $3000 on fixed price projects, and a $100+ hourly rate

Make money as you learn
Avoid the coding interview. Go straight to getting paid by freelancing.


In Freemote Training, You’ll Learn…

Front End development including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Web development, knowledge of Requests, JSON, APIs, AJAX, DOM

How to set up Shopify stores — a service worth $1,000 – $10,000+

Shopify development, Liquid, ThemeKit, Sections, and more

To build OVER $1,000 of REAL WORLD tasks taken from freelancing sites

How to create an impressive software developer portfolio

How to find PAYING clients and stand out, even with no experience

How to contract, onboard, communicate, and deliver services

When You Join, You’ll Get Full, Immediate Access To:

190+ Lessons, 20+ hours of content
As real developers with 7+ years of experience (not just teachers…)

We cover the exact tech stack you need to start making money freelancing.


Checklists, Cheat Sheets, Templates
Real agencies have a structured process for everything, and that’s exactly what we’re giving you.

We give you EXACT CHECKLISTS to optimize your workflow and deliver services, as well as contract and onboarding templates

Freelancing Skills & Strategies
We focus on the SPECIFIC things you need to do to go from zero to making money.

The best software to use, how to create a portfolio, converting paying clients, and much more.


An amazing community
You’ll have direct access to your peers and technical mentors in a Facebook community.

We share every success and overcome problems together

Most Up-to-date Content
The best strategies ALWAYS change over time, and this program will be kept current.

Join once, and you will always have access to new content.




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