Abundantia Sorelle & Leon - The Manual
Abundantia Sorelle & Leon – The Manual
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Abundantia Sorelle & Leon – The Manual



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The Manual is on its way.
Sorelle and I are releasing what is arguably our most significant course to date tomorrow, on April 1st, 2022. Please feel free to add this launch to your calendar.


It’s undoubtedly the most important to us.


Here’s why:


The selling of digital goods has been our main source of income during the past few years. such as downloads, courses, and most recently, a subscription. Even though we do make money in other ways, such as through sponsorships, affiliate sales, and YouTube ad revenue, digital products like courses account for more than 80% of our overall revenues.


In addition, during my previous career as a marketing consultant, I assisted companies and people in selling more than $250 million worth of goods online.


To cut a long tale short, Sorelle and I have mastered the art of selling digital goods, at least in our eyes. And there are a lot of reasons why we adore this industry.


First off, practically the entire sale is yours when you sell a digital good like a course. Selling a course or other type of info-product eliminates the need to worry about shipping, sourcing, manufacturing, and a plethora of other issues that come with selling physical products.


You keep practically everything, with the exception of a tiny percent in hosting and payment collecting expenses.


Second, all you’re doing when you sell a digital information product, such as a course, is taking a skill or piece of knowledge you already possess and giving it to a person who is searching for solutions. Someone who is prepared to spend money for those solutions.


You might be able to code or arrange flowers, for instance. And it’s likely that millions of people all across the world are currently looking to master those abilities.


Can you assist those in need with a difficulty they are having? like how to write better, file taxes more quickly, or just how to replace their car’s oil. All of these can be taught to someone through a course.


Or perhaps you are a coach who encourages others to advance their material, physical, mental, or spiritual well-being. You can assist people with all of these things by developing a course, providing them with online coaching, or in other ways.


Finally, and perhaps most significantly for many of you, there is no denying the enormous size of the online learning market. Currently, the market for courses and other educational products is worth $200 billion. However, it is predicted to nearly treble to approximately $370 billion by 2026.


But for us, figuring out how to make money off of what we already know has brought about freedom.


We may set our own hours by selling digital goods. To pick when and where we labor. What issues in the world we want to contribute to resolving, or the kinds of changes we want to assist people in making.


We can do this because we construct courses only once, and occasionally those courses generate thousands of dollars in revenue while we’re sleeping.


And we want to teach you how to accomplish the same thing.


However, that isn’t the main topic of my discussion today. I’m here to outline the content of our upcoming course, The Manual, for you.


Tomorrow is the pre-sale day for our course, which is only available for 48 hours.


Here is what we’ll be talking about:


FORMULATION: You need to know where to begin before you can start building your own course or other information product. We’ll discuss how to identify the knowledge you already possess that is most marketable, how to identify a niche that suits you, how to apply your knowledge to the greatest number of people, and the factors you should take into account before turning that knowledge into a course. We’ll help you organize your existing knowledge, package it into a clear set of responses you can offer your clients, and make sure you’re giving them the greatest benefit possible.


DELIVERY: How would you present your course now that you have an idea for it? We’ll go over all of the choices for disseminating your expertise with you, including courses, subscriptions, coaching, consulting, easy downloads, and much more. The advantages and disadvantages of each are covered, giving you insightful knowledge about the delivery methods that may be the most appropriate for the information you want to share. You can learn whether you should use text, audio, video, or other channels, as well as how to potentially increase your revenue by producing multiple products from the beginning.


CREATION: Time to be creative! The basics and some more sophisticated strategies for creating a course or information product will be covered in this section. We’ll make it simple for you to communicate your information whether it’s in text, audio, video, photos, live, or another format. And believe us when we say that you don’t need a lot of video equipment or technical gear to succeed — a full video or audio course may be readily recorded using only screen-recording software, or even on your phone!


TECHNICAL: You must arrange the technical details, which we’ll cover in this section, before launching. The best place to host your product, how to choose the right price, platforms for selling courses, how to set up analytics and tracking, integrate payment processors, bank and get paid, collect customer data, online tax basics, ad tracking, software automation, and a ton more are just a few of the topics covered. When done correctly, this will enable you to sell your courses while you sleep and ensure that you are investing the least amount of time and energy into your company.


LAUNCHING: The precise procedure Sorelle and I employ to introduce digital goods. We’ll teach you the best ways to get people to buy early, how to offer discounts and incentives to maximize your sales, how to build buzz during a pre-launch, the types of content to create to ensure a successful launch, how to master the timing of your launch, and how to create a buzz that’ll ensure you sell as much as possible when you release your course or other product into the world.


Selling information, including how to offer online courses. This section will cover topics like expanding your audience, finding the ideal clients, automating your sales, marketing funnels, paid advertising, organic marketing, software automation, and selling with or without a social network following.


GROWING: How do you expand after launching your first product? A single product is fantastic, but what about an entire empire of digital products? We’ll show you how to take a single course and expand it into a global information company with a variety of product offers, several revenue streams, and the ability to transform your knowledge into something incredibly significant.


BONUSES: We usually provide a few incredibly useful bonuses in every product we develop. The Manual won’t be any different, so keep checking back for some extras!


The start date for the entire course is July 1st, 2022.


However, starting at 4 PM GMT (Icelandic time) on April 1, 2022, you can pre-order The Manual for a whopping 50% off the regular price. however, only for the initial 48 hours.


The half-off offer won’t be available after that.


Lifetime access during our pre-sale, at a discount of 50%, with no further payments ever required. And by reselling the knowledge already stored in your brain, you’ll gain access to all we know about building a multi-million dollar business.


We are excited to share with you all the most beneficial product we have ever shared. And hopefully the information therein will alter your life in the same manner that it has altered ours.


I wish you well and will see you tomorrow.


Lewis Hill

Abundantia co-founder.


P.S. — Don’t forget to go here to add the launch event to your calendar so you won’t miss out on tomorrow’s pre-sale. The purchase link will be sent out first to attendees of the event.





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