Adam Bensman - 6-Figure Income Sprint
Adam Bensman – 6-Figure Income Sprint
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Adam Bensman – 6-Figure Income Sprint



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My Proven “Turn Key” Business Model to Earn a Consistent $9,000 – $26,000 Per Month, Every Month, With Fewer Clients, Making a Deeper Impact, and Taking Back Your Life

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Begin your journey right now and get personal support for 8 weeks and both “early adopters” bonus bundles + lifetime access to the 6-FIS Private Slack Channel right now…
(Future Slack channel access will be limited to 8 weeks.)
Part 1: Starting Your 6-Figure Income Sprint!
  • 1 Video Introduction – Start here
Part 2: Income & Lifestyle Planning: How to build your business around your ideal life 
  • 1 Video: Income & Lifestyle Planning: How to build your business around your ideal life
  • ​1 Assignment: Vision + Goal = Action Plan
Part 3: Discovering Your “Needs Based Niche” 
2 Videos:
  • Backbone of identifying the right clients for your “needs based niche.”
  • ​Step by step exercise to nail down your own needs based niche.
1 Assignment: Your New “Needs Based Niche!”
Part 4: Creating Your “High Ticket Copy Package”
3 Videos:
  • How to prepare a crystal clear, high-ticket service offering on a month-to-month (retainer) basis.
  • ​Creating your “High Ticket Copy Package”
  • ​Pricing your new “High Ticket Copy Package”
2 Assignments:
  • Creating your “High Ticket Copy Package”
  • ​Pricing your “High Ticket Copy Package”
Part 5: Start Getting Clients!
7 Videos:
  • Expectations: Get comfortable saying NO to get to YES
  • ​Client acquisition channels – Existing clients, past clients, referrals, and cold prospects
  • ​Crafting your introductory offer
  • ​Bring your office to life! Updating your website + LinkedIn
  • ​Outreach to start getting clients
  • ​Preparing your proposal
  • ​Selling and pitching
  • ​Pricing your new “High Ticket Copy Package”
2 Assignments:
  • Updating your website and LinkedIn to bring your new offer to life
  • ​Outreach to start getting clients
3 Swipe Templates:
  • Email swipe to get clients
  • ​Proposal template
  • ​Presentation and sales process


  • Supplementary reading: 15-page excerpt on “Crafting Offers”
Part 6: Secrets of Successful Client Relationships
3 Videos:
  • How to manage client relationships with a successful workflow
  • ​Handling conflict as an opportunity
  • ​When to go above and beyond, and when to increase retainers

Personal Support From Me for 8-Weeks! 

Every assignment you complete will be posted in the appropriate “6FIS” Slack Channel and I’ll prepare a personal video screencast giving you feedback, advice, and clear direction.
BONUS BUNDLE #1: How to Negotiating Success Fees & Scale
2 Videos:
  • The two main ways to negotiate success fees.
  • ​How to present success fees to your client.
BONUS BUNDLE #2: My “Sales Email Formula,” Swipe Files, Templates, Organizational Documents, Client Workflow Processes, Additional Resources, and More…


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