Adcenter Rockstars by Greg Davis
Adcenter Rockstars by Greg Davis
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Adcenter Rockstars by Greg Davis



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BlackHat Bing Extravaganza 3 Day Live Workshop & 5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop
– 5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop – What You Get
Day 1-Competative IntelligenceDay 2- Deployment(Secret Media Buying Strategies)Day 3- Massive List Building SetupDay 4-Optimizing & Scaling StrategiesDay 5- Q&A(we’ll take a 1 week break for you to implement and help with any questions)
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– 5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop – What You Get
Fetish & Offer Selection-creating congruent funnels are key to get highest ROI possibleCompetitive Intel-learn the quickest way to start a funnel…cut your time and effort in Half!! You won’t need to create anything on your own!!Mobile Media Buying-Get the best traffic sources that your funnels will thrive on…get this wrong and kiss your ROI goodbyeTracking Fundamentals-this is one of the most important aspects of Internet Marketing. Tracking on mobile is different than web based tracking…lack of this skill almost always ends up in failure!
– 5 Day Adult Dating 2.0 Workshop – What You Get
Optimizing & Scaling into multiple funnels and traffic sources….and how to take your mobile funnel to the web!!Secret Golden Nugget traffic sources…how to get traffic from sites that no one else is monetizingBanner Ad Creation-watch us crank out ads fast, without reinventing the wheel.Landing Page Creation-create landing pages that prequalify your leads, gets you top payouts, and helps you build massive listHow to monetize the leads your collecting to absolutely CRUSH your Competition!!!
– BlackHat Bing Extravaganza 3 Day Live Workshop
Bing Ads – How to do 10k/day A Day On BingWe are going to share all of our inside Bing Ads secrets over a 3 day period. Here’s just a sample of what you’ll get.Adcenter Rockstar Campaign Setup – We show you exactly how you should setup a 5 figure/day Bing Ads Campaign. There’s a RIGHT WAY & WRONG way to do it.Adcenter Rockstar Keyword Strategy – We’ll show you the specific 10k/day rockstar keyword strategy we use to bring in 5 figures a day on Bing.Bing Cloaking 101 – The BIG boys cloak & go under the radar. We show you how to cloak without getting caught.It’s All About The Ads – It’s all about the Ads. It takes an amazing ad to really bring in the dough. We show you how our inner Ad secrets that you NEED to do 5 figures A Day or more on Bing.Step By Step Process On Getting Unlimited Accounts & More



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