Adele Revella - Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0
Adele Revella – Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0
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Adele Revella – Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0



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Please contact us. Buyer Persona Masterclass 2.0Cover of Adele Revella’s book Buyer Personas Learn the #1 method in the market and become a buyer persona expert. Are you ready to improve your buyer persona knowledge and gain recognition for it? Learn the #1 strategy for acquiring actionable insight into buying decisions and the people who make them at our online workshop. You may learn the skills and information needed to become a Buyer Persona Subject Matter Expert in only a few hours. Obtain certification as a Buyer Persona Expert.

Have you noticed how many businesses are looking for marketers who are familiar with buyer personas? We offer an online knowledge evaluation at the end of the program to assist you get the recognition you so rightly deserve. You won’t want to miss out on this chance to evaluate your new skills and add a Buyer Persona Subject Matter Expert badge to your CV or LinkedIn page. Masterclass Sneak Peek What You Will Receive For every phase of persona building, there are video instructions and 17 comprehensive tools. To guarantee you don’t create too many personas, use two templates and three case studies. 12 strategies for getting the most out of as little as ten interviews 4 tips to persuade your stakeholders of the importance of personas A comprehensive interview guide to help you grasp this unique method rapidly. For your CV or LinkedIn profile, a Buyer Persona Subject Matter Expert badge 3 finished template samples, as well as an example buyer interview What You’ll Discover Why do most personalities lack insight into your buyer’s decision?

How the Five Rings of Buying Insight expose your buyer’s journey What can you do with the five insights to help drive your sales and marketing efforts? Why it’s critical to consider your persona goals before creating them How do you choose which people to interview and how many interviews you’ll need? Learn how to create a study that will tell you how many personas you need and how to back it up with evidence.

Why you should think about where you get your interviews. How to locate potential interview subjects and encourage them to speak with you What should you do to confirm your interview date and prepare for success? Why do surveys and focus groups fail, and how is this method different? How to use the interview guide to guide buyers through each phase of the buying process Why and how should your stakeholders interact with your buyer’s story? How to choose interview quotations and look for trends that reflect identities How to keep your personas safe Describe what buyers expect from their interactions with you. Why should you categorize buyers based on their purchasing history?

How to determine the proper number of personas based on your interview findings How to communicate to your stakeholders or clients the importance of buying insights Consequences of corporations failing to comprehend their buyer’s journey Buyer personas in the future and how to ensure they reach their full potential *8 Recorded Agenda/Curriculum





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