Adskills Retargeting Recipes Book
Adskills Retargeting Recipes Book
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Adskills Retargeting Recipes Book



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After spending millions in ads online, I’ve pulled together my best retargeting campaigns (also known as remarketing ads if you’d advertising on Google). In this 80 page “cookbook” you can follow my designed-for-profit retargeting recipes and have a complete strategy for your retargeting ad campaigns.


Adskills Retargeting Recipes Book

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These retargeting campaigns were designed for any team member to easily implement and get the same results as I do. So rest assured that you can implement them in your business, for your clients, or hand this book to a team members to implement for you… I did.

What will you learn in this book?
– An overview of what retargeting is and how it works
– A Complete strategy to retargeting your company’s products or services
– What makes a “good” retargeting ad
– What tools to use to create my ads and launch my campaigns
– Both beginner and advanced/pro level retargeting strategies
– 7 campaign strategies that can be used on multiple ad networks including, but not limited to, Facebook, Twitter, Google Ads, Taboola, Outbrain, Youtube and more…

Our top priority with the Retargeting Recipes is to help media buyers and business owners like you take your retargeting campaigns to the next level. To do that, we made sure this book is packed with actionable content – no fluff – no filler – no theory – no BS. It’s a quick 80 page read full of proven strategies you can implement right away. Gain confidence in the campaigns you launch with these simple but highly effective retargeting campaigns today.


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