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Alex Berman Harambe Venture Mage
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Alex Berman Harambe Venture Mage



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If you actually break it down, running a business just has three basic elements:

You can draw in new customers using marketing for your goods or service.

To be able to accept their hard-earned money in exchange for your good or service, you need sales.

In the end, you must be able to deliver on the promise with your good or service.

These three elements are not too difficult to learn.


Build it, sell it, and market it.


And if you still have some money left over after this process, kudos—you’re in business.

So if it’s that easy, why isn’t everyone flocking to start their own business?


You know, the majority of entrepreneurs have a small challenge.


Returning to the three elements



Traffic, usually referred to as eyes, is necessary for a marketing effort to be effective. This costs money. Either you need to be willing to pay for advertisements, pay an influencer to promote you, or slowly create a following over time, which costs money.





Fantastic if you can sell; you’re a resource for your own company. But what happens if you schedule too many meetings on your own calendar? Once you reach your maximum size, you can no longer grow. It implies that you must spend money on hiring people. If you are unable to sell, you must start by hiring.


If you work for yourself as a freelancer, who would then be selling for you? Can you combine the two and build a multimillion dollar company? Most likely, no is the response to that. To expand your business, you will need to hire more employees.



“I sell a product, not a service,”


How will you enhance it, add features, and support your current customers?


When you do the math, the issue becomes pretty obvious.


In order to scale a business, you NEED MONEY.


There are a few ways to obtain this money, so don’t worry.


In fact, you’ll discover in a few minutes how you may employ one of these strategies to generate high-paying work for yourself.


So, the following are some ways that business owners raise money:



The company’s creator provides all of the funding out of their own pocket. The issue is that if you don’t have a lot of money to begin with, you will risk a lot. Your bank account’s size is also a restriction.

Family, close friends, and fools

This one is amusing; the joke goes, “Collect small investments from friends and family or anyone foolish enough to risk their money.” Risks? relationships that are damaged if things don’t work out.


This one allows you to retain full ownership of your business, but what happens when the interest accrues? Additionally, banks despise funding startups.

Angel and venture capital investing (VCs)

There are a few reasons why these are my favorites.

1) They make an investment in return for equity, which entitles them to ownership in the business. They will gladly share resources other than money with the founder as a result of having a stake in the business.

2) They are able to make LARGE investments and attract further investors.


In fact, we recently reached out to VCs on our own, and in just 6 weeks, we were able to raise 7 figures for a project that was still in the idea phase.


If you know what you’re doing, getting investors to respond is very simple.



There is a chance to assist them in raising money.

The best aspect about this, though, is not that you can use it to raise money for your own business.


Startups will gladly pay you six figures to assist them in raising finance since they are so thirsty for this information.


Nine out of ten new businesses fail.


A CBInsights analysis from 2021 lists 12 reasons why companies fail.


But consider this:


Nearly 40% of companies are either never given the chance to launch or are outcompeted by competing goods.


They just run out of money and are forced to shut their doors.

Furthermore, 38% of them are unable to raise cash; why is this?


Really, it all comes down to a ridiculous excuse.


Selling a prospect on a product or service is the same as raising funding from VCs.


Sales and marketing are involved.


However, in order for investors to deposit money into a firm, you must be quite knowledgeable about selling techniques.











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