Alex Elliot - One Group Away Challenge
Alex Elliot – One Group Away Challenge
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Alex Elliot – One Group Away Challenge



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In February of 2019, I pivoted from being a Digital Marketing Agency owner (who had previously been a Nurse Practitioner) to a full-time Affiliate Marketer & Affiliate Marketing Coach.
While searching for the very best organic traffic methods for my offers, I discovered the immense power of Facebook Groups ?
So, I began a Facebook group to cultivate a warm audience to promote my offers to and through testing different ideas and methods of FB group growth was able to grow it from 0-2000+ members (and generate $0-$45K in commissions) in only 90 days ?
Several of my affiliate marketing mentees watched the success I was having with my Facebook group and asked for further deep-dive training on the subject.
What resulted from that request was a burning desire ? to learn the very best Group Growth, Engagement, Monetization and Scaling methods out there.


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