Ali Abdaal - Part-Time Youtuber Academy
Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Youtuber Academy
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Ali Abdaal – Part-Time Youtuber Academy



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My Skillshare Classes

I love Skillshare. I’ve put up lots of online classes on there because (a) it’s a great platform, and (b) because anyone can watch my stuff via their very generous 1-month free trial without having to pay anything. Here are examples of some of the classes I have up on Skillshare.

How to Study for Exams – An Evidence-Based Masterclass | Ali Abdaal | Skillshare
Being able to study efficiently and effectively is a superpower. As students, it boost our grades, reduces our stress levels and frees up our time to do more i…
Productivity Masterclass – The Principles of Productivity | Ali Abdaal | Skillshare
Skillshare is a learning community for creators. Anyone can take an online class, watch video lessons, create projects, and even teach a class themselves.
Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X – From Beginner to YouTuber
In this class, you’ll learn everything you need to get started with Final CutPro, and how to take your editing to the next level. We’ll work together tocreate a YouTube-style video following a 3-part workflow. Video Editing with Final Cut Pro X – From Beginner to YouTuber | Ali Abdaal |Skillshar…
Learn Anything With Flashcards – The Ultimate Guide To Anki | Ali Abdaal | Skillshare
Learn Anything With Flashcards – The Ultimate Guide To AnkiFinding the right tools and techniques for learning is difficult. We've all spent time at some poi…
How to be Happier – Stoicism Masterclass | Ali Abdaal | Skillshare
The Ancient Stoic philosophers had solutions for the problems we face today. The founders of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy were influenced by the words of Epic…

I’d recommend subscribing to Skillshare anyway (it’s $10 a month and much better for you than Netflix), but if you want, you can sign up to their 2-month free trial and then cancel without being charged.

Applying to Medical School

In 2013, I founded a company called 6med. We’ve been running classroom courses for the UCAT, BMAT and medical school interviews ever since. Each year, thousands of students use our courses and question banks to boost their applications. Each year, we also give out hundreds of bursaries to students from low-income backgrounds in an attempt to level the playing field.

When I graduated from university and became a doctor, I no longer had the time to teach the courses in-person, so I teamed up with some friends to make online video verisons of each of our Crash Courses. If you can’t make it to one of our physical courses (which are run by a great team of Oxbridge medical students), you might like to check out some of the online ones.

UCAT Crash Course Online
The world’s best UCAT preparation course. Now online in a series of 100+ videos with 9+ hours of content.
BMAT Crash Course Online
A series of 70+ videos guiding you through all 3 sections of the BMAT, with lots of worked examples and time-saving strategies throughout.
Interview Crash Course Online
A series of 80+ videos and articles covering every aspect of medical school interview and MMI preparation.



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