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Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab
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Allie Bjerk – Tiny Offer Lab



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The Tiny Offer® Queen, Allie Bjerk

I’m Allie, hello.


You probably didn’t establish your business to be bound to your laptop, if I may venture a guess.




You began it because you had had enough of having other people control your day.




You want control over your financial situation and time management (AKA your LIFE).




You desired doing what you loved, spending more time with the people you loved, and building a life and business you loved.




Then, the unexpected happened…




What happened to your fantasy company?




What transpired was the daily grind of managing a service-based firm, plus nights and weekends.


And on one of those spinning, 3x the gravity rides at the county fair, you feel like you’re pinned to the wall.






You’ve completely forgotten WHY you began your business because you’re so preoccupied with keeping your customers—your new bosses—happy.




You need to pay your bills before you worry about “growing” your firm or moving away from 1:1 employment. (Duh.)


What’s worse still?


You doubt whether it was all worthwhile.


Maybe living in a cubicle from 9 to 5 wasn’t that horrible after all. Now it seems SO EASY to let someone else tell you what to do.






You departed for a purpose.


You had a good motive for starting your company.




But how can you get off the rollercoaster and stop spinning?


The problem is…


allie (2) (1)


At least no one taught me how to make the switch from an employee mindset to a CEO perspective.




And it took me YEARS to finally let go of the freelancer, hourly-paid, client-obsessed model.




Despite the fact that it appeared as though I was succeeding, I was actually moving extremely slowly.


What eventually put a halt to my business-related circle-racing?



The massive 6-figure premium course launch that all the gurus brag about wasn’t what happened.


One Tiny Offer® was the tiny funnel that has the power to transform my entire business and way of life. (With revenue in the double seven figures and growing.)


People now refer to me as the Tiny Offer® Queen, and I’m exposing my secrets so you may stop circling and return to the original motivation behind starting your business.





Tiny Lab Offer


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is a step-by-step, nine-module online course that teaches online company owners how to develop and introduce items that are incredibly profitable so they can make an impact and earn money without working around the clock.


Identical TOL Mockup



My own tiny offer process served as the model for this step-by-step success roadmap.


(The method used to create the Tiny Offer, which brought in $730K+ in 17 months)




How Your Tiny Offer Journey Plays Out…






The Process of Generating Tiny Offer Ideas


The Right Offer for the Right Audience Is Where It All Begins…


The majority of digital product developers make blunders that cost them HUGE earnings, not to mention months of irritation and wasted effort. In Module 1, you’ll discover how to prevent these pitfalls.


We’ll start there.


Before creating your Tiny Offer Funnel, there are 5 reasons why you need to be very clear on who you are targeting.


How to quickly find your ideal WHO using the 3P Method


Before you limit your possibilities, you must be aware of the three recession-proof specializations.


Before you develop your Tiny Offer, there are simple techniques to determine supply and demand for your idea.


The Stealth Map Method to discover what your ideal client thinks, knows, does, and purchases


Why, once you identify your blue ocean, your competition is irrelevant





Consider the Offer Suite


The Most Important Aspect Of Your Modest Offer Your Alluring Offer Is Success Puzzle


You’ll configure your three-part Tiny Offer suite in Module 2 for maximum revenues — and maximum outcomes for your customers.


We’ll start there.


The three different types of issues your Tiny Offer Suite must address


Three basic questions to ask to spark ideas for your Tiny Offer, as well as a straightforward process for evaluating your offer


How to design and christen unique frames for your product


Finding the standout component of your service and turning your structure into a product


How to calculate the dollar value of each element of your Tiny Offer using the Offer Suite Wheel





Nail Product Development


Pleasant visuals and useful assets are present in high-converting offers…


In Module 3, you’ll develop a distinctive look for your Tiny Offer and get right down to business by developing assets.


We’ll start there.


How to brand using Tiny Offer, including how to choose vibrant colors, bold fonts, and eye-catching visuals


The 10-minute logo technique that can spare you HOURS of anguished head-bashing at the keyboard


The inside scoop on which software programs are BEST for creating slides, videos, worksheets, and other things


Links to everything you need to put together a professional Tiny Offer Suite are available on Allie’s Go-To Equipment List.





Your Magnificent Sales Pages


Without A Sales Page That Speaks To Your Ideal Buyer, You Won’t Get Any Traction…


You will discover Allie’s insider tips for writing copy that converts at every stage of your funnel in Module 4.


We’ll start there.


An explanation of the layout of Allie’s Livestream 365 and Client Multiplier Method sales pages so you can use these “swipes” as examples.


For your primary offer sales page, checkout page, one-time offer page, and confirmation page, Google Docs offers customizable templates.


Google Docs offers customizable video sales scripts for your primary offer and one-time offer.





Make Your Email Sequences More Effective


Don’t Underestimate Email’s Influence When Selling Digital Products…


You’ll discover how to go back and recover lost sales in Module 5, as well as how to provide your customer exactly what they want.


We’ll start there.


Why potential customers begin checking out but don’t complete their purchases, and how to recover those “abandoned cart” sales using 3 straightforward emails


What information should you include in your confirmation emails?


The key to growing cart value, fostering your following, and sowing the seeds for high-end offers is to make sales after the transaction has been completed.


All email sequences in Google Docs have customizable templates





Think Tech


Technology Need Not Be Terrifying…


You will learn how to use my suggested Tech Stack, how to customize it to work for you, and how to seek help if necessary in Module 6.


We’ll start there.


How to create lists, tags, and automations with ease so that your email back-end functions properly


how to customize my Clickfunnels template for your sales page stack setup


How to upload and arrange your program assets on a course platform: the ins and outs


How to encourage your tech to communicate and cooperate so that the entire client experience is seamless





Create Your Own Traffic


Before you ever spend a penny on advertising, generate sales…


The subtleties of an organic traffic plan are covered in Module 7, and you can choose the strategies that are most effective for you from a list of tried-and-true methods.


We’ll start there.


How to use the TOL Organic Traffic Strategy to achieve your first 100 customers without spending money on paid advertisements


How to use a repurposing method to make ONE piece of content work 10X harder plus Allie’s Content Inspiration Swipe File


Webinar + Allie’s Webinar Slides: The 4-Part High Converting Tiny Offer


Strategies for a speedy infusion of revenue for your paid advertisements, as well as how to form successful, win-win collaborations





Support Your Ads


The Paid-Ad Strategy To Automate Your Profits


You’ll be guided step-by-step through creating, launching, and troubleshooting your ad campaign in Module 8.


We’ll start there.


Before running Facebook ads for your Tiny Offer, you must have the following in place and understand how to use the Ads Manager.


How to decide between the three forms of advertising campaigns depending on the desired effects


How to profile your audience, select an audience type, set your budget, optimize your ads, and use retargeting ads, in addition to all of the above.


What to do if your ad is rejected or taken down, as well as tips for writing compliant and successful ad language and creativity


Bonus: Guidelines for promoting your Tiny Offer on other websites





ROI Increaser


You’re Creating A Buyers List; Now Is The Time To Use That…


You will discover just how to guide customers of your Tiny Offer down the high-end path in Module 9.


We’ll start there.


How to decide one of the three High-Ticket Offer kinds to use, how to set up your framework, and how to make your assets


How to choose the most effective webinar call to action and host a live webinar to attract high-ticket clients


It all comes down to the emails to get people to sign up, show up, and make purchases.


Templates for opt-in pages, webinar slides, emails, sales pages, application pages, and other things can be customized in Google Docs.





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