Andre Chaperon – Modern Marketing System
Andre Chaperon – Modern Marketing System
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Andre Chaperon – Modern Marketing System



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The Modern Marketing System (also known as “The System”) is a marketing strategy that is used to promote a product
We’ve reached a tipping point – a change of guard — because the ‘Game of Marketing’ is going to shift…

M3 (Modern Marketing Manifesto) is a manifesto for modern marketing.

We’ll make you three promises.


First, we’ll teach you the untold realities that no one else will tell you, so you’ll understand the written — and unwritten — principles of modern marketing.


Not half-truths that get you in trouble (and then make you think it’s your fault since you did something wrong when things go wrong).


The complete story.


Our second promise focuses on the talents you’ll need to succeed as a modern marketer.


Four non-negotiable talents must be mastered by everyone who wants to develop a joyful customer-producing firm. We’ll go through each one in detail and show you how they all work together to (dramatically) boost your outcomes.


Third, we’ll offer the “secret sauce” behind our very engaging and effective marketing.


The following four parts of the series deliver on those promises:


(M3) Modern Marketing Manifesto (Part 1/4)

Modern Marketing Manifesto (M3) (Part 2/4)

Modern Marketing Manifesto (M3) (Part 3/4)

Modern Marketing Manifesto (M3) (Part 4/4)

We took all of our individual courses off the market on January 3rd, 2022. We accomplished this because we discovered that many of our students came into our world through one of these courses — which is only a portion of a larger picture — and so had an incomplete understanding of their job as a marketer, maker, or creative professional with knowledge to offer.


Over time, some of our students purchased additional courses from us, revealing more of the metaphorical elephant as another “cog” in the system. A broader view of the “business system,” but still an imperfect picture.


Our most successful students owned our four core courses, according to the data we gathered from our thousands of clients. As a result, they had a holistic view of the system and were able to make strategic decisions about which elements to prioritize for their specific needs.


To put it another way, they could execute with greater precision and achieve better results sooner because they could see the whole picture – the entire system as it relates to attracting, retaining, and monetizing attention.


The Modern Marketing System (MMS) is a comprehensive framework that encompasses all of our professional endeavors.


When you join MMS, you gain access to the following resources:


Email Craftsmanship (AoE)

Influential Sphere (SOI)

The Traffic Generator (TTE)

and The Long-Term Business (TDB)

These three parts together teach three crucial non-linear skills:


Getting noticed,

Maintaining focus,

in addition to monetizing attention

… which all contribute to a company’s performance in a systematic way. Getting, keeping, and monetizing attention all need a coordinated effort. They can’t all be optimized at the same time. Each must connect to the others like precisely fitting jigsaw pieces.



There is no blueprint; each MMS student will design their own puzzle parts that are exclusive to their firm. However, in order to get results, they must all work together in a systematic way.


People Are What ‘The System’ Is For:

Who have knowledge to impart and who add value to others via their own experiences.

People who wish to profit on the value they have to provide to an audience that is willing to pay for it (and love enough to tell others about).

Willing to put in the effort required to realize their objectives and goals.

People who are passionate about finding novel and creative solutions to real-world challenges.

People who have a customer-centric, serve-first approach. Who understands that if they serve first, they will be paid (well) and will achieve financial independence as a result of their contribution.

Those Who Desire:

They have command of their lives. (Knowing that tomorrow will be better than today, and the following month will be better than the previous month.)

They are proud of their accomplishments. For the sake of themselves and the people they care about.

Their values are reflected in their way of life. (Time, money, relationships, and purpose are Dan Sullivan’s four freedoms.)

Feel happy about the way they’re presenting themselves in the world.

The ‘System’ Isn’t Designed For People:

The ‘Get Rich Quick’ type looking for hacks, secrets, and loopholes to make a quick profit will not enjoy ‘The System.’ (Read our Modern Marketing Manifesto series’ four P.S. parts.)

Unwilling to put up the effort.

Instead of doing the things that work, you’re always looking for the next new shiny item.

Overview and Walkthrough of a Modern Marketing System

Shawn offers a 26-minute overview of MMS in the video below if you want to see inside. When you initially log in, you’ll see something like this.


There’s something compelling about experiencing our Learning Academy, core courses, workshops, and MMS Community before making a purchase.


Take a peak behind the Modern Marketing System enrollment door if you’re curious about what’s on the other side.









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