Andrew Foxwell Kurt Elster – Using a Data-Driven Strategy to Improve Website CRO


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Looking for ways to boost the conversion rate of your Shopify store?

Look no farther than Andrew Foxwell’s collaboration with Kurt Elster, the famed CRO expert and host of the Unofficial Shopify Podcast, to offer rational standards and practical methods to analytics that any marketer can utilize, from immediate wins to deep tactics to help dial in your conversion rates.

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Topics Discussed


Knowing which KPIs are the most important

Adapting to your customer’s requirements

What each KPI tells you — key takeaways and next steps

For deciding when and how to optimize, data gathering and statistical significance are important.

Benchmarks for e-commerce sites on Shopify to compare your shop against

The monthly reports that you must generate

Customer purchase journey optimization (and simplification)

Increasing conversions by optimizing landing pages — both creatively and technically

How can the client buying journey be made more efficient?

Using exit surveys to uncover hidden objections

Using 2021 learnings to optimize for success in 2022

Putting together an analytics approach



Understanding The Most Important KPIs

•31 Minutes

Taking Care of Your Site’s Visitors

•15 mins

Improving The Purchase Process

•17 Minutes

2021 Recap and Review for Success in 2022

•16 Minutes

Continued Education:

We Recommend Unofficial Shopify Podcast Episodes

Kurt Elster is someone you should know.


Kurt is a well-known freelance expert in the field of website conversion rate optimization and Shopify.

He is a Senior Ecommerce Consultant at Ethercycle, an e-commerce consultancy that helps Shopify merchants identify hidden earnings in their websites.

Ethercycle only works with solid, independent companies that market their own private label products.

Kurt is best known for hosting The Unofficial Shopify Podcast, which has over one million downloads. On Kurt’s website, you may learn more and sign up for his free newsletter.





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