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Angela Giakas – Art Of Influence
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Angela Giakas – Art Of Influence



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Hello, I’m Angela.
Welcome to my website and blog, where I offer my perspective on everything related to fashion, travel, and social media marketing.

Together with my spouse, I’m based in Melbourne, Australia, where we both work as full-time content makers. I began designing and writing in 2014 as a diversion from my daily life, and it has since developed into my full-time profession (which I am forever grateful for). I’m passionate about producing stunning content that improves my audience’s daily experiences. Inspiration for clothes, travel trips, living a life you love, and pursuing entrepreneurial jobs are all things I hope to inspire.


I want my little online space to serve as a resource for you to learn about new trends, expand your knowledge, and get a glimpse into my own path.


I appreciate your support and continued interest. Without you, I couldn’t accomplish this.




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