Anik Singal – Facebook Ads Mastery
Anik Singal – Facebook Ads Mastery
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Anik Singal – Facebook Ads Mastery



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What You Will Receive:


#1 Facebook Ads Course (Step-by-Step)



Everything Thomas learnt about running lucrative Facebook advertising after investing over $40 million in them is contained within this course.


You’ll learn things such as:


Before we start working on commercials, we conduct audience and market research.

What are some of the funnels we utilize that perform well with Facebook ads?

Frameworks for developing attention-getting ad text that have been proven to work…

How to use data to optimize your ads for optimum return…

And there’s so much more.






#2 Plan for a Same-Day Launch



You’ll know exactly what you need to do to start running profitable Facebook Ads after completing the course.


However, we’ve made it even easier for you to get started.


We’ll provide you class recaps, checklists, recommendations, and everything else you’ll need to get your Facebook ads campaign up and running quickly.






#3 Top 10 Proven Facebook Ad Landing Pages



It matters a lot where you take individuals once they click on your ad…


Both in terms of conversions and CPC.


We’ve compiled a list of our top 10 landing pages for Facebook advertisements to help you convert more people into subscribers and purchasers.


Create landing pages that convert by modeling them.






#4 Database of $100 Million Facebook Ads



Avoid re-inventing the wheel.


Examine what works for others and adapt it to your own needs.


We’re providing you with a collection of Facebook advertising, both ours and others’, to assist you in generating effective ads.


Take a look at them. Examine them. Check out what’s working right now. And use that as a model for your commercials.






#5 Access to a $5 Million-Dollar Team



I’ve put over $1 million into my advertising staff throughout the years.


You can now have access to them.


You’ll join Thomas and his team every month as they lead you through the most recent changes in the Facebook ad sector.


You’ll know what the trends are and how to profit from them thanks to their calls.


They’re also an opportunity for you to submit your campaigns for expert criticism.






Plus, there are 7 incredible FREE bonuses:



BONUS #1: Scale Secrets: How To Profitably Grow From $10 To $10,000 Per Day



It’s not as simple as increasing your budget by $10 per day to $10,000 per day to scale your campaign.


There’s a way to do it without having your prices soar and your performance drop.


Thomas will show you how to scale successfully in this particular training.






BONUS #2: Happy Ads in 90 Seconds



The use of video ads on Facebook is becoming increasingly popular.


And there’s a reason for that: they work.


The fact that video advertising are difficult and expensive to develop is one of the reasons why more people aren’t employing them.


They aren’t, however!


We’ll show you how to make video commercials with simple web tools in this unique course.


And you can do it without even showing your face!






BONUS #3: How To Avoid Getting Slapped On Facebook



Yes, people’s ad accounts have been known to be banned by Facebook.


The majority of people believe it is without cause. Even if Facebook makes mistakes now and again, there is usually a good justification for an account ban.


We’ll go through the most crucial – and less well-known – things you should do (or not do) to avoid the Facebook slap in this tutorial.






BONUS #4 Pixel Training Cheat Sheets



The Facebook Pixel has the potential to be your most powerful advertising tool.


You’re essentially “teaching” Facebook’s algorithm what kind of clients you want so that your adverts are shown to the most appropriate folks.


To “train” it, you must feed it with enough relevant facts so that it can construct a “profile” of the type of person you seek.


We’ll show you how to warm up and train the pixel to assist us bring in profitable consumers in this session.






BONUS #5 Case Study of a $50,000 Campaign



We’re going to draw back the curtain and show you what goes on behind the scenes of one of our most successful campaigns.


You’ll be able to see all of our advertising, landing sites, and targeting options.






BONUS #6: Ads that are already done for you



You don’t even have to write your own Facebook ads!


We now have tools that can write copy for us, thanks to recent advances in artificial intelligence (A.I.).


The copy is so good that it’s impossible to tell whether it was written by a machine or a human.


We’ll show you how to write your Facebook advertisements in minutes using one of the most popular AI writing tools on the internet in this course.









Mike Buontempo is currently one of the most successful online ad buys.


He spends $50 million every year on advertising for his clients.


He shared some incredible secrets and methods that you won’t hear anywhere else in this exclusive workshop we taped.











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