Anna Beck -Shineon Star
Anna Beck – Shineon Star
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Anna Beck – Shineon Star



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Take charge of your success and confidently grow your ShineOn business on Etsy with a tried-and-true step-by-step approach that will not only get you sales, but also help you develop a long-term business.
(without the feelings of overwhelm, self-doubt, or “what do I do now?” syndrome)!

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Examine the Inside


1st Module

The Foundation’s Mission

Getting started might be difficult at times. This module will alleviate your concerns.


Highlights from the Module


>> How to Name Your Store


>>Create the accounts you’ll need to sell ShineOn products.


>> Complete your Etsy Store’s information.


>>In 15 minutes or less, create a logo and banner.


2nd Module

Produce Successful Products

Don’t waste your time sending out message cards that will never be seen! I’ll show you how to make a successful product.


Highlights from the Module


>> Make your ideal client your best friend.


>> Keyword research that reveals underserved niches where your products can be found


>> Phrase study and writing that changes your mind from no to yes!


>> Make a deck of signature cards


>> Create professional-looking designs with Canva


Module three

Outperform Your Competitors

Despite the fact that there are many ShineOn merchants on Etsy, there are still methods to stand out and scale your winners! I’ll reveal the strategies that helped me generate $100,000 in sales in just five months.


Highlights from the Module


>> How to Write a Sales-Driven Description


>>Getting 5-Star Reviews


>> Customer retention strategies that automate communication


>> What to Do If Your Listing Isn’t Working


>> My insider tips for dominating your best-selling categories


> Extend to further platforms


Recap of what you’ll get:


How to Create a Store

How to Find Winning Concepts

How to Create Sellable Message Cards

How to Outperform Your Rivals

How to grow successful goods!












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