Anton Kreil - ITPM Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) V2.0
Anton Kreil – ITPM Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) V2.0
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Anton Kreil – ITPM Professional Trading Masterclass (PTM) V2.0



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Anton Kreil was born in Liverpool England, on January 16th, 1979. This makes Kreil an “Gen Xer.” He was raised in a working class single-parent household in a rough neighbourhood with his mother, who was living between paychecks. Kreil’s mom was of Jewish Eastern European descent and his father was Austrian. We don’t know the specifics about his parents, however we do know that his mom was born in and was raised in Liverpool So it’s only natural that his father relocated into Liverpool from Austria after his parents got married. His father comes from a region of Western Austria called Tyrol. Anton has a younger brother. We know that his parents died within the last decade.

Being able to make this money trading while pursuing the Economics qualification at one of UK’s most prestigious institutions would have not been simple. In interviews, Kreil has stated that the majority of it was derived through trading Initial Public Offerings (IPO’s) of tech companies in the latter part of 1990. Kreil has said he would make an arrangement through his broker purchase stocks in order to receive an allocation, and then “flip” the stock before it was time be able to cover it. Being capable of figuring out the details of this “arbitrage” takes a hell of a lot of brains and a lot of determination to secure by his own money. If we look at this more deeply and in relation to his early experiences, it will make sense.

Kreil in for advancement was forced to change his thinking due to his experiences in childhood. Additionally, his disruptive behavior during high school might have led to the realization that he was extremely naturally intelligent and has a high IQ. The evidence is obvious. The student didn’t start his academic career until he reached the age of 16 old, and was every minute of the day and the point of disrupting classrooms. When he finally decided to pursue a career at school, he grew quickly. He was also intelligent enough to recognize that at age fifteen or sixteen that in the event that to improve his situation, he had to alter them his own self, and in order to accomplish this, he’d be required to work. This indicates intelligence, determination and a willingness to make sacrifices. This was evident in his college experience. While many students were preoccupied with college life, Kreil’s objective was to be an expert trader. Thus, he traded, made lots of money and was noticed in the eyes of Goldman Sachs who recognized these characteristics and appointed him right away.

Childhood experiences to keep in mind:

  • A lack of parental support leading to independence
  • Refusing to accept the role of a victim
  • Understanding the concept of exchange of value
  • Value seeking
  • High IQ
  • Conscientiousness
  • Determination
  • Ability to process information and make decisions in light of the information
  • Faith in one’s abilities
  • Willingness to accept calculated risks that others , for whatever reason, fail to consider








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