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Focused On Making Your Dream Future A Reality
You can hear us giggling… bringing your financial situation into sharper light

It’s the equivalent of putting pantyhose on an Octopus.


If you’re like the majority of people, you’ll launch your bank app on your smartphone.

Your heart beats faster when you’re on the phone… whether of not there is money in it

Whatever way you cut it… The money conversation stinks:


It never seems to be enough.


Investing can be perplexing and overwhelming.


Immediate necessities are always prioritized over long-term goals.


No one wants to live in the now for the sake of a future that may never arrive.


Because of the embarrassment associated with spending, most households spend money with no knowledge where it goes.


There are a million different persons offering advise and promoting investments that are too good to be true, leaving you feeling fomo.


The majority of us are in debt (hello 28 trillion dollar deficit)

Worst of all, these aren’t even legends…

Everything is truthful and normal, but don’t go…

Because this could be the talk that turns everything upside down.

Let’s do a little activity together.

For a moment, set aside your preconceived notions about budgeting, financial discipline, debt reduction, and the dreadful envelope system.


Put down any feelings of shame or guilt you have about money.

Phew… Already feeling better? Good… Because I have some wonderful news for you…

It is not difficult to alter your future.

It requires you to complete four steps (they are basic yet not simple… but nothing valuable is).

Here’s How To Solve Your Money + Investing Puzzle



To influence your future, you must first recognize where you are now (guilt-free) and the gap that exists between now and tomorrow.

Most individuals are afraid of money and budgets, so they don’t do it. Instead, we should ditch the budget for good and have a better understanding of how your lifestyle works in terms of dollars and cents.


Construct the Bridge

Then you’ll need a strategy for closing the gap. A strategy that you can employ in real life when unexpected events occur.

There will always be a gap, and that’s fine. That’s perfectly typical! Instead of spiraling out of control with severe limits or binges, let’s create a plan that we can control. One that makes you happy and allows you to live a dynamic life.


The spreadsheet provides no guidance. We inform the spreadsheet of our actions. The change is modest, but significant.


search for gold

Once you’ve got those two items, it’s time to get down in the weeds and find some investable cash, even if you don’t think you have any right now (or are drowning in debt).

This is a blend of strategy, tactics, and mentality. The majority of individuals in this town push their dreams for tomorrow further and further away, focusing instead on urgent financial concerns such as debt and emergency cash.


A new approach to investing has emerged, based on psychological and financial concepts.


Choose your horses

Finally, you’ll need a strategy for selecting sound investments that fit your personality, lifestyle, interests, and financial situation.

All those fantastic money books are useless if you keep the information in your mind. It’s difficult to filter through someone else’s viewpoint and financial story to ensure that it’s the correct fit for you.


So it’s time to put together a plan based on your existing financial circumstances, personality, interest rate, and risk tolerance.

Some of you may be saying, “Yes, please!”

This page’s X is progressively being clicked by you avoidant types.



Yes. This will require some bravery.

“Do what is great while it is small, plan for what is difficult while it is easy.”

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

But we promise it will be worthwhile.

(Especially since we’re getting rid of the controlling boss.)

pants family budget is permanently discarded.)

FF consists of:

It makes no difference if you have $10,000,000 or $10…

Future Fund assists you with time-tested real-life strategies…


Owners of small businesses


Growing businesses

Employees that have a side hustle

1. Determine the four key numbers that influence your present and future financial decisions.

2. Recognize the seven most common forms of investments

3. Collect the initial sum of investable cash

4. Establish a foundation for sound investment decisions.

5. Take back control, make the investment, and alter your story.

Here are some of the benefits you can expect from Future Fund:


Know how much money you’ll need to live the lifestyle you choose, even after you’ve retired.


Gain confidence in your investing decisions without fearing that a financial advisor is trying to sell you something that isn’t in your best interests.


Never again be duped into a dangerous investment.


Choose investing options that will not tie up your funds indefinitely (cough cough, 401ks)


Predict your future costs and lifestyle to avoid being trapped in a too expensive investment.


You may manage your lifestyle and assets without having to stick to a fixed budget.


Get your spendthrift spouse on board without having to control their spending.


Each of the big seven categories of investments has a different rate of return, tax consequences, and risk/benefit analysis.


Speak boldly about investing without fear of expressing something out of the ordinary.


Transform your money and investing thinking so you feel in control of your finances.


Create a financial map that you can refer to over and over…


one that is adaptable enough to adjust


Most importantly, Future Fund allows you to CHANGE your financial story. How you spend it, how much you invest in it, and how you live with it. Even if your finances feel like a hot mess right now, a mix of education, strategy, and mindset work will put you back in control.

Yes! Tomorrow begins right now! I’m All Set to Begin My Future Fund

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What Will You Master In The Future Fund


Module 1: Financial Planning

Create a realistic picture of the cost of your existing way of living.

Learn about your lifestyle and how it affects your finances. Remove all feelings of guilt and shame, and consider what you want and how much it will take to achieve it. We’ll also put an end to the typical family budget.


Stop living on a tight budget.

Create a realistic picture of the lifestyle you desire.

Number One: Understand Your Core


Module 2: The Golden Pot

Know how much money you’ll need to live the life you want without working until you drop.

99% of people have no idea how they will pay for their lifestyle in the long run. In Module 2, you’ll rapidly find this out and discover how to manage your business finances so that you can put as much money into your future as possible.


#2 + #3: Know Your Core Numbers

A detailed plan for structuring your company’s finances to maximize investable cash

Use Parkinson’s Law to effect change even if you don’t have any more money.


Module 3: Production to Consumption

Make your cash work for you!

Create an investing strategy based on your core number #4, as well as a clear action plan for adjusting your numbers if your current condition isn’t optimal.


#4 Understand Your Core Number

Make a strategy for achieving the required rate of return on your investment.

Get rid of the consumption narrative we’ve all been told and become a producer instead.


The Big 7 (Module 4)

Finally, learn about the seven most common forms of investments and their advantages and disadvantages.

Examine equities, fixed income investments, cash value life insurance, real estate investing, cryptocurrency, investable enterprises, and collectibles and non-fungible tokens in depth.


Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Explore the numerous options available inside each of The Big 7.

Real-life examples to show how it could fit within your budget


Module 5: Finding Your Investable Money

We’ll show you how to find your first investable money using the rule of 72 and our finest cash tricks.

Module 5 will help you locate money you didn’t realize you had to make your first investment once you’ve established a clear perspective of where you are (and where you want to be). This is a blend of financial and mental gymnastics.


Learn the 72-hour rule and apply it to make investing appear more manageable.

Use our money-finding tactics to make your initial deposit ready.

Change your mindset towards investing for good – from overwhelm to enjoyment.


The Investment Filter (Module 6)

Make the best investment container for your money by using our framework.

When you see someone raving about their “huge ROR” on an investment, don’t have that feeling of missing out or shiny object syndrome. Know what you want and why you want it, then choose the perfect vehicles to maximize your return while also fitting your personality and lifestyle.





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