Ason Jay Figueroa - High Ticket Elites
Ason Jay Figueroa – High Ticket Elites
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Ason Jay Figueroa – High Ticket Elites



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In this course, we investigate the geometry of spacetime as well as the basic quantum plenum (or Aether) permutations that give rise to all recognized forces and forms of mass-energy. The principles governing these geometric arrangements are thoroughly examined, and it is demonstrated that they apply to everything from the structure of the proton through atomic nuclei, molecular configurations, and even macrocosmic scales and objects.

For comprehending gravity, electromagnetism, the strong force, and the weak force, a unified physics perspective is presented. In order to complete a real Unified Theory, a novel translation of the weak force is presented, having a foundation in both classical dynamics and quantum geometry. Adams Apollo

Our geometric study includes pentagonal (five-sided) structures, heptagonal (seven-sided) to decagonal (ten-sided) helices, as well as the hexagonal (six-sided) or tetrahedral lattice explored by Haramein. We talk about how these Euclidean geometries are useful for mapping Planck spherical units’ (3D) positions and (4D) motion, and we show force correlations with these patterns that are connected to Buckminster Fuller’s work.


Furthermore, we demonstrate how the properties and structures of matter at all scales, as well as our perception of those structures, are related to both the cultural and quantum scientific explanations of these geometries. In our research of quantum gravity, light, and the genesis of spin, certain geometries that have been present in spiritual traditions, art, philosophy, and architecture for thousands of years have major relevance. This prompts us to think about consciousness’ emergent characteristics based on fractal holographic geometric patterns in spacetime.


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You can go through the content at your own pace while watching the recordings. Your registration grants you lifetime access to the course lounge, where you can find all the readings for the course, supplementary study materials, and a chalkboard where you may write comments and questions to interact with other students taking the course.

Adam A. O.

Adam A. O.


As a leadership ambassador in the White House, in several summits at the UN, and at conferences and festivals all over the world, Adam Apollo has shared his ideas on global transitions, physics, technology, human spirituality, and the future. He began studying a wide range of branches in theoretical astrophysics at the age of 15, when he had a vision of the universe as a fractal hologram. By the time he graduated from high school, he had finished significant research papers on the potential interface between consciousness and the physics of space-time.


Scaling law, quantum geometry, and other Unified Physics concepts are approached using an integrated framework in his work on the “Unified Harmonic Matrix,” which combines mathematics, physics, biology, sociology, and spirituality. He published a casual layman’s presentation on the topic in 2012, and it has received over 90,000 views. He also spoke at various universities that year about the potential of human technology and practical methods for creating starships, replicators, and new energy sources.


Adam Apollo founded the UNIFY movement, a number of education- and technology-related businesses and organizations, and he also serves as an instructor and the chief systems architect for a number of global online schools. These include the Visionary Arts Academy, the Guardian Alliance Academy for self-mastery, and the Resonance Academy for Unified Physics. Adam Apollo is committed to establishing a flourishing and interplanetary civilization.





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