August Bradley - Notion Life Design CoursE
August Bradley – Notion Life Design Course
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August Bradley – Notion Life Design Course



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What Is Involved

Core Training is self-paced.

Video training presentations that have been recorded with continuous conversation under each video part. Plus, August digs deeper into frequent questions in recorded video Q&A sessions.



Current Live Events

We will be supporting and encouraging growth with ongoing live events because Life Design takes time. Weekly/Monthly Review Groups + Q&A + Workshops + System Show & Tell



(Most Recent Version + Updates) Master PPV Template

No more do-it-yourself construction. We begin with a pre-built and ready-to-use master PPV template. We’ll go through how it works in detail, as well as how to apply it to your life and career.



Continued Expansion of Content

Both PPV and Notion will almost certainly be improved over time, and we’ll keep you informed with first-hand discoveries and research.



Groups of Mentors

Join a mentor group for advice and support. Successful PPV power users hold live calls and offer support in private groups, sharing what they’ve learned along the way.



Groups of Accountability

We assist participants in forming study groups or accountability groups so that they can support and hold each other accountable in their learning.



Members-Only Course Community

Come for the system, but stay for the network. Meet the most encouraging, motivated, and growth-oriented students. Go together if you want to go far.



Membership in YZC

Year Zero Collective encourages in-depth investigation of Notion, PPV, and other aspects of life in which we want to learn and grow. 1,000+ growth-minded members and a rich historical topic archive



Matrix Study Guide

Our Notion-based guide organizes the learning process and adapts it to your preferred learning style. Specifically created for this software.









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