Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals
Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals
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Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals



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Page Speed Is HARD

Google has been talking about building fast websites forever, but they haven’t really punished the people who don’t pay attention.

Until now…


Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals

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As if the potential drop in conversions from slow page load speed was not enough, Google has started punishing the sites that do not pass its “Core Web Vitals” test.

The problem here for most site owners is that core web vitals are HARD to fix.

It’s not just about installing a caching plugin and ticking a few options.

It’s about making the elements on your page load in the right order.

For example, did you know that lazy loading above-the-fold images may hurt your core web vitals?

This is one of the many insights we discovered and now share inside our brand new training…



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