Ben Adkins – Evil Business Magician


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Dr Ben Shares Ways to Double Your Business In The Next 60 Days With Unique and Powerful Systems Enabling YOU To Live Your Dream Life.


Ben Adkins – Evil Business Magician


Getting Started

The Better Life Sequence (PreWork)

* The 5 Happiness Components
* The Purpose Funnel
* How To Get Your Day Back
* Organization & Planning Secrets
* Staffing Your Dream Life

Session 1 – Focus & Clarity

* How To Design Your Dream Life
* How To Figure Out The Financing
* Locking In You Month 1 Budget
* Finding The “Mission Critical Task”
* Tools We Use For This Process

Session 2 – Budget

* Four Rules Of Budgeting
* Software
* Getting Your Business Budget Solidified

Session 3 – Budget, Calender, Actuals

* Taking Your Budget To The Forecast
* Setting Your Calendar
* Tracking Your Actuals Against Your Forecast & Budget
* When and How To Adjust

Session 4 – Q & A

Session 5 – Different Corps & Ability Team

* Different Corp types and their benefits
* Who is on your A.B.I.L.I.T.Y Team
* Why You Need Each Of Them
* HOw To Choose Them Wisely
* When To Call In Your A.B.I.L.I.T.Y Team

Session 6 – Outsourcing & Staffing

* 2 Keys to knowing the types of employees that you want and need
* How to hire the right people
* How to pay your team
* The secret to powerful company culture
* Accountability and action reactors



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