Ben Adkins – Thousand Dollar Days d
Ben Adkins – Thousand Dollar Days
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Ben Adkins – Thousand Dollar Days



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What’s inside:

[Week 1] Putting Together The “1k+ Monthly Recurring” Package You’ll learn how to put together the exact package of services that make up our “all-in-one solution” and how it all works together to assist our customers get results quickly.
[Week 2] Putting Together The “1000+ Day Sales Machine” We’ll create the exact two sales funnels your company requires to generate a significant number of high-quality leads each week, as well as how to convert those leads into sales appointments.
[Week 3] How to Do Our “All in One Package” Sales Demo Properly. You’ll be able to close one or more $1k deals per day after mastering the 15-minute sales demo.

[BONUS #1] Copy the precise INBOUND Lead Funnel Template used by My Agency.

[BONUS #2] Copy My Agency’s OUTBOUND Lead Funnel System in its entirety.

[BONUS #3] The Script and Processes for Our Private “Appointment Setter.”

Dr. Ben Adkins’ PRIVATE “Deal Closer Black Book” (BONUS #4). (a series of deal closers for the conclusion of meetings that will forever change the way you conclude deals)





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