Ben Heath – Facebook Ads Insiders
Ben Heath – Facebook Ads Insiders
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Ben Heath – Facebook Ads Insiders



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Ben Heath is the founder of Lead Guru and a Facebook advertising specialist, speaker, and writer.
Lead Guru has had an excellent career in the Facebook advertising sector over the last 6 years. During that period, both the space and our firm have developed tremendously and undergone numerous changes.


What’s even more amazing is that we’re only getting started. We’re on a quest to become the world’s premier specialist Facebook and Instagram advertising agency, and we’re well on our way.


To attain that goal, we must provide exceptional results for our clients. We’ve put together a team of Facebook advertising and content creation experts to help us do just that.


The fact that Ben Heath is well-known in the Facebook advertising market gives us a significant competitive advantage. As a thought leader in the industry, our CEO Ben provides us with access to cutting-edge Facebook advertising tactics and assists us in developing them to bring actual value to our clients and industry-leading results.




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