Ben Settle – Brand Barbarian
Ben Settle – Brand Barbarian
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“I’ll take the Pepsi challenge any old day against the horse shit preached by iPhone-filtered livestream queens, image-obsessed influencers, & broke branding coaches,” says this 7-figure publisher & software entrepreneur… who shuns most social media, rarely travels, & has nothing but contempt for selfies.

“I can’t show you how to be more likable, more stylish, or more social. But if you have enough ambition & patience, I can help you lay waste to all the brands you compete against… and sometimes even seize their best customers for yourself!”


Shows businesses how to create

immortal brands that attract

super high-quality, berserker-like

customers, clients & fans

Dear Friend,

If you want to know how to stir up a wild, “frothing-at-the-mouth”-like horde of new customers & clients who want to buy everything your business offers… then my popular book about creating a million-dollar brand can show you how.

The book is called…

Brand Barbarian”

And I can assure you:

It ain’t filled with the typical milquetoast theories pushed by corporate America, Madison Ave, or broke “influencer” coaches shooting videos in their cars on their way to brunch, or

taking selfies by volcanos. The branding methods inside this book are unpolished, completely “bare bones”, and don’t require big boobs, a commanding voice, a pretty face, a generously-stamped passport, or a naturally charismatic personality. Those attributes are all great, and you’d be a fool not to use them if you got them. But you won’t need them. Instead, these are the exact methods I used starting 20 years ago to go from a broke nobody with zero influence who couldn’t make a sale if my life depended on it… to having a 7-figure publishing company with a passionate fanbase of high-quality, and eager-to-buy customers.

I believe this book can help your business’ brand, too.

And, I believe it can help you do it no matter which media you prefer using for your business — whether it’s email (which I am partial to), social media, content marketing, video, podcasting, blogging, webinars, public speaking, direct mail, or any other way you like to sell.

However, this book is pricey.

And, there are no refunds or guarantees.

So before you even think about getting this book… you’d better have a good idea of what’s inside first.

Here are just a few of the tips it teaches:

  • A clever trick (used by famous “Mad Men” ad agency owners in the 1960s) for creating a near maniac-like rush of passionate clients & customers wanting to buy ONLY from your brand! (While coldly ignoring — and sometimes even having contempt for — other brands you compete against. Page 17.)
  • How the infamous newspaper mogul William Randolph Hearst went from being a shy mama’s boy & Harvard drop-out with a weak, high-pitched voice… to having arguably the single most powerful, most recognized, & most influential brand of his day! (Hearst’s brand was so big, it struck fear into the hearts of all his enemies… including the famous Joseph Pulitzer, the widely respected Theodore Roosevelt, and even the all-powerful U.S. government — which constantly wanted to silence him. This secret branding method Hearst invented right after being expelled from Harvard found on page 28 has been used since then by extraordinarily influential businesses to become successful very quickly. Best part: The less recognized your brand is now, the better it can potentially work.)
  • The completely unorthodox secret movie director Frank Capra used to make himself one of the most famous brands in Hollywood. (Capra admitted he didn’t particularly “like” doing this, but could never deny how much power it gave his brand, his influence, and his box office gross. Page 61.)
  • A “dignified” way to (ethically & legally… without going darkside) use blatant hate & prejudice to create a brand that has almost no choice but to attract hordes of new business… even if you screw everything else up! (Warning: This will not win you any new friends and will almost certainly create haters & trolls. So if you are someone who cares what other people think, you probably should pass on using this particular tip. Otherwise, see page 33.)
  • An unusual product cover design method invented by Marvel Comics that can quickly make your business’s brand more recognized, more respected, and more revered. (Brand Barbarian doesn’t talk a lot about design and image. But this doozy — that is also used by one of the only graphic designers the great Dan Kennedy has ever endorsed — is easily one of my favorite branding strategies. Go to page 25 for the details.)
  • An admittedly weird branding technique the inventor of “Dungeons & Dragons” used to go from being a small town cobbler to creating a multi-billion dollar gaming industry from his basement! (Virtually nobody does this, much less understands it. But once you see how it works, you can potentially build a brand as big as you want — on your own terms, and in a way your competition will probably never be able to keep up with. Page 32.)
  • A powerful “twist” you can put on your branding (used by a few rabidly-followed brands like In-N-Out Burger, Fox News, and the Chicago Cubs) that can make outrageously high prices & fees almost completely irrelevant. (If you ever wanted to charge high prices for your products & services, but didn’t know how… simply start using this tip on page 22 and see what happens!)
  • How a few of today’s most popular politicians are creating “election winning” brands that almost effortlessly attract millions of votes, tens of millions of fans (and enemies…), and hundreds of millions of dollars to their parties & campaigns. (Including when facing impossible odds… like Bill Clinton did in 1992, and Donald Trump did in 2016 — despite being hated by the entire mass media & even his own party! The fun begins on page 64.)
  • The mysterious “anti-hype” branding methodology (based on Disney’s infamous Man In The Magic Mirror character) that flips the script so customers nag & chase you down to buy your offers… instead of you nagging & chasing them down! (I taught this gem at a prestigious branding bootcamp once. And you don’t need any prior credibility or credentials for it to work. See page 96.)
  • How to purposely use the secret linguistic-inspired method J.R.R. Tolkien did to accidentally create a legendary brand that is still #1 decades later… still generates multiple tens of millions of dollars decades later… and will continue to be the top seller in the epic fantasy genre decades later! (And before you even ask… you do not need to be a creative genius or professor of languages to do this. In fact, if you can read, write, and follow simple instructions… you can not only start using this as soon as you learn it, but you can potentially profit from it very quickly, too. See Page 34.)
  • One of the world’s greatest fitness book publisher’s advice for how to turn the Federal government into an unofficial “wing” of your business’s marketing department! (Adding a shiny new layer of prestige to your brand by default. Page 30.)
  • A little-talked about branding secret (discovered by a world-famous psychologist) that lets you glide right past your market’s skepticism, disbelief, and resistance to buying from you. (There is admittedly nothing at-all “sexy” about this… and it takes a strong work ethic to pull off. But brands who do it tap into a near-limitless power of persuasion & influence most businesses never experience. See page 27.)
  • How to “benevolently torment” people into wanting to buy from your brand. (If you want to see multiple examples of this after you learn it on pages 109-110, simply watch the blockbuster movie “Spider-Man 2” and take notes.)
  • A heavy duty — yet 100% simple to learn — strategy (used by a wildly successful late night talk show host) for creating a world-famous brand out of thin air!

Let’s “zoom in” on this one for a second:

Johnny Carson was the undisputed King of Late Night for 30 years. His brand overshadowed every single late night talk show host who tried to compete against him… and the vast majority were cancelled and buried in the “TV graveyard”, never to be heard from again.

That is, until Arsenio Hall started his late night talk show.

Arsenio did something very clever that let him:

1. Quickly create a huge, almost instantly-recognized brand

2. Make a fortune with fans who wouldn’t even dream of watching anyone else’s show

Arsenio (many years later) admitted there was only one way he was able to “co-exist” with Johnny Carson and accomplish this amazing feat. And you can read all about his brilliantly simple strategy starting on page 17 inside Brand Barbarian.

Best part?

It doesn’t matter how invisible you are now.

It doesn’t matter how well-known you are now.

It doesn’t even matter how much money you have now.

This one “power-strategy” alone for creating a massively profitable & influential brand can potentially help any kind of business or service, in any niche or industry… seize a brand position from which you can…

Reign Like A King

For Years & Decades

Into The Future!


And this includes selling in markets “overheated” with experienced competition like weight loss, biz opp, & eCommerce… or professional industries like insurance, accounting, & real estate… as well as freelancing services like copywriting, coaching, & virtual assistance… and probably even certain tip & commission-dependent jobs like ride-share driving, bartending, & sales.

It’s hard to imagine anyone not succeeding using this branding strategy.

And, it’s just one of many revealed inside Brand Barbarian.

Here are even more game-changing branding secrets inside:

  • A blatantly controversial, “use-at-your-own-risk” technique used by history’s most nefariously successful brands to quickly seize marketshare in nearly any industry you sell in. (I won’t say this is easy. But if you can pull it off, you’ll probably annoy & enrage bigger & more successful brands, with them having to work much harder to compete with you. Starts on page 48.)
  • A little-known discovery by the University of California for building a brand big corporations & organizations are eager to pay enormous sums of money to. (I heard about this over 10 years ago from one of the greatest sales trainers who ever lived. And you can read the details on page 60.)
  • How a famous jazz guitarist went from being an unknown brand struggling to get gigs in coffee shops… to having adoring fans clamoring to buy his music. (This “meat & potatoes” obvious tip is straight from the founding father of internet marketing as we know it, who helped promote this guitarist. Page 62.)
  • Two sleepy ways (used by a couple of the most underrated marketing geniuses on the internet) to use pricing to help create a popular brand people love giving money to. (Best part: it doesn’t matter if you price high or if you price low… you don’t have to “do” anything different except change a couple numbers around in your current prices via one of these two methods. Page 39.)
  • The “23andme” secret to having a world-recognized brand people will very often buy from even if you have nothing of value to offer! (Unfortunately, only a very small percentage of businesses can utilize this. And chances are, you won’t be able to. In fact, if you could, you probably would not even be reading this sales page. But if you happen to be one of these rare businesses, and if you happen to not be using this every day already… then you are potentially leaving millions of dollars on the table. Something that is easily changed, however, by turning to page 59 and then following the instructions.)
  • A real life example of how I used an admittedly very creepy & disturbing email subject line to get on the “radars” of people with bigger brands, audiences, & influence than my own. (Including nabbing speaking gigs and JV partnerships that have been worth a small fortune to my business over the years. Page 71.)
  • A sneaky branding trick used by experienced PUAs (pick-up-artists) that can sometimes let your business siphon hundreds of new customers, clients, and diehard fans from other brands without lifting a finger! (Not only can this under-the-radar branding method get you more sales… but if you’re a guy, it can get you more dates, too. See page 38.)
  • The weird (but 100% true) story behind how the late Steve McQueen became one the most bankable brands in Hollywood. (And how to do what he did for YOUR brand. Page 70.)
  • An ingenious strategy for creating your very own “Kardashian-like” brand (but without needing a sex tape) — where people start to buy your offers and listen to your advice simply because you tell them to! (There is a reason certain celebrities like Kim Kardashian get paid upwards of a million dollars just to post on social media… and can create entire business empires for brands they promote overnight. In some ways, I believe this is the single most potent — but probably hardest to pull off — way to build a rock-solid brand ever invented. Especially since it can work even if you make a lot of mistakes. Details on page 58.)
  • A 300+ year old branding secret nobody ever told you about (invented by Shaolin Monks, believe it or not…) for knowing exactly what your audience wants to buy… before they even do! (In my experience, this is the easiest way to build a brand so strong people buy your offers just because you promote them. I’ve done this for years to launch dozens of high-quality products nobody on my list asked for, as well as to market obscure, hard-to-sell offers as an affiliate people on my list would not ordinarily want. You can start doing the same thing by turning to page 35 and following the directions.)
  • An almost frighteningly effective way to use trolling (that has been mastered by a few of today’s most loved & hated politicians) to build an incredibly famous brand. (And do it without looking like a spiteful, self-loathing loser living in your mom’s basement. See page 59.)
  • A ridiculously simple way (used by Rush Limbaugh & Donald Trump) to use just 1 or 2 words to create almost irrationally loyal fans who almost can’t help wanting to buy everything your brand sells! (I doubt 1 in 10,000 “online marketers” does this. But those who do tend to instantly stand out from their boring competitors’ brands. Page 31.)
  • Spooky insights into how to create a brand so disruptive it could very well create enemies obsessed with silencing, discrediting, or even destroying your brand!

Let’s unpack and take a closer look at this.

This is like advanced brand-building game, and needs to be used with caution. And the reason why it must be used with caution is, it’s not only the big secret behind some of the richest & most persuasive personal & corporate brands in world history… but in many of their cases…

It Put The People

Who Built Those Brands

In Mortal Danger!

This is no joke.

Think about “death causing” brands like Malcolm X.

Or Abraham Lincoln.

Or Tupac Shakur.


Or John Lennon.

Or Martin Luther King.

Or even legendary figures like Jesus Christ.

You can also see this on a smaller, less “hair-raising” scale. Such as any number of celebrities and businessmen who have been targeted for character assassination, or who have been attacked relentlessly by the “gatekeepers” of their industries, their governments, or even their mass medias to be silenced — often via radical slandering & swift de-platforming… or via malicious mockery, harassment, and trolling. Despite all that, almost all these brands are enormously successful, influential, and, yes, profitable — with money flowing abundantly towards them and/or their causes.

And here’s the thing:

If you have the guts to use this potent secret in your business… then just like all the brands above did… and along with the trolls, haters, and threats they got… you will almost certainly find a part of your market start to “gravitate” towards you, only want to buy from you, and almost…

Zealously Defend, Promote,

And Refer Others To You!

This can be a nerve-wracking branding method.

And I will admit, I purposely limit how I use it for my own business.

But, the money it can sometimes generate, and the brand growth you can potentially experience as a result… can help you become the only listened-to voice out of the hundreds of emails, social media posts, print ads, TV ads, online ads, and any other advertising your market sees each day. And this is especially true if your competitors aren’t using this secret or are too scared to try.

If nothing else, it should make everyone else’s brand look boring…

More about this starting on page 54.

In the meantime, here are a few more tips inside the book:

  • A totally backwards way (used by the late marketing genius Gary Halbert whenever dealing with famous people) that can sometimes instantly elevate your business’s brand above more popular & well-known brands than yours. Page 75.
  • 15 tips a top personal branding ad agency owner gives his own clients for “immortalizing” your brand and possibly even creating a near-irrational, & even anxious-to-buy horde of customers who can’t get enough of your products & services. Start on page 86.
  • How to legally & ethically “steal” credibility & prestige from other brands… and use all that power to blow up your brand’s value! Page 60.
  • The “⅔ text” seduction secret used by the world’s most successful PUA that can make your brand automatically more valuable when communicating with customers via email, social media, phone, text, or even face-to-face. Page 72.
  • A neurological discovery (taught by memory trainers that turns C & D students into A students) that can make your business’s brand far more compelling and your marketing far more responsive. Page 98.
  • A completely non-magical & 100% rational way to “transmute” personal attacks, slanders, and accusations against you into a more influential brand people almost can’t help but want to buy from. Page 73.
  • What to say before agreeing to be interviewed on podcasts that can sometimes get you “red carpet” like treatment from the host… while also ratcheting-up your brand’s value to the audience another notch or two. Page 81.
  • How a handful of wicked-smart writers made the Joker (the psychopathic Batman villain) into one of the most recognized & profitable brands in comicbook & movie history. Page 78.

Speaking of comicbooks & branding…

The late Stan Lee managed to build a brand so attractive & influential, not only did Marvel Comics pay him multiple millions of dollars per year just to put his name on their books & movies, but…

A-list Hollywood Actors, Presidents,

And Other World Leaders

Constantly Clamored To Meet Him

& Get His Autograph!

It’s one reason why money & influence flowed effortlessly to Stan Lee.

And, in many ways, this all happened because of the 6 methods he used starting on page 80 inside Brand Barbarian. These 6 ways are neither complicated nor hard to implement. But, if you apply them to your business… I believe your brand will have almost no choice but to become more influential.

Okay, let’s wind this down with a few more of the secrets inside:

  • A down-n-dirty & completely low tech way (used by the #1 most influential marketing author & consultant who ever lived) to build rock-solid credibility and belief in your brand. (Virtually everyone you see does the exact opposite of this… which is probably why virtually everyone else you see has a “limp” brand. See page 35.)
  • A really juicy “hyper-authenticity” secret used by a MENSA genius with hundreds of thousands of fans and who is so hated he’s banned from stepping foot anywhere on Google’s headquarters. (This goes way beyond just “OMG just be authentic!” If you want to have a truly outstanding, influential, profitable, and aggressively-followed brand, simply do what this “Google-exiled” blogger & best-selling author does and watch how people start to react to your brand. Page 43.)
  • Who the #1 most profitable personal brand in world history was. (And the 4 things this person did to (1) have more reach than any other brand since, (2) have more influence than any other brand since, and (3) attract/generate more revenue than any other brand since. Page 87.)
  • The late, great copywriter Gene Schwartz’s mousetrap technique for building a brand your audience and list almost can’t ignore… even if they try to! (This 3-second mental shift in thinking about what you offer works so reliably & consistently… it can help sell even mediocre products & services. Use it for high quality offers and watch what happens to your brand! Page 100.)
  • How Oprah Winfrey “side-stepped” all her competition to become one of the most valuable personal brands on the planet. (And the only thing you need do to “Oprah-up” your own brand — without needing a talk show or being a multi-billion dollar media mogul. Page 87.)
  • An eye-opening psychological revelation into how Walt Disney created the single biggest commercial brand in history. (Walt Disney would probably have laughed at most so-called “branding” experts today who would have no business at all if social media & cheap travel and phone cameras didn’t exist. And I recently read a Walt Disney World insider’s account of a particularly clever thing Disney did that can be used by virtually any business owner to build a unique, and ever-expanding brand in nearly any industry, niche, service, or product category. Page 82.)
  • And the list goes on and on…

And this is just for starters.

Brand Barbarian has many more profit-exploding branding tips, such as:

How smart brands turn their worst enemies into their best buyers (page 89)… the “dirty milk” test used by the 3 most recognizable personal brands in mass media history (page 15)… Advice from an international best-selling author of power & seduction books that can make your brand irresistibly attractive to even those who hate & despise you (page 69) … The 2 best “battle-tested” ways ever invented for differentiating & elevating your brand above any other brands in your niche (page 90)… A “reverse psychology” secret used by big pharmaceutical brands for selling products & services without hard pitching (page 99)… and even… how to do what Apple Computer does to…

Get People Literally

Chemically Addicted

To Your Brand!

True story:

Several years ago, scientists using a magnetic resonance imagine (MRI) machine presented Apple Computer fans with images of the company’s popular gadgets. And what they found was, Apple Computer fan brain activity reacted exactly how a religious person’s brain reacts when presented with a picture of their chosen deity!

This is why Apple fans create entire communities around its brand.

Why people cheerfully sink hopelessly into debt to buy Apple products.

And, why the media anxiously awaits Apple’s every new launch.

And guess what?

The methods featured inside Brand Barbarian can all help you tap into this exact same psychology to get people hooked on hearing from your brand each day… practically feening to get their daily “fix” of your business… and sometimes even…

Buying Your Offers

Without Even Seeing

Your Advertisements!

Okay enough.

If you’re not interested in this book by now, nothing else I say will change that.

So let’s get to the bottom line.

If you want Brand Barbarian, you must meet 3 specific qualifications.

First, there’s money:

Brand Barbarian is a thin 124-page, physical book (with no PDF or online/digital component) that costs U.S. $292.00, with free shipping worldwide.

Next, there’s faith:

This book does NOT come with a money-back guarantee, and all sales are final. Anyone who approaches my sometimes “fringe” branding ideology needing a safety net is neither psychologically or emotionally ready to use much of what is inside, anyway. And that is perfectly okay. I specifically wrote this book for a very small portion of my most rabid & loyal fanbase who want to see one of the more enigmatic sides of how I think, work, and build my businesses. In my experience, the vast majority of people who read this letter will not even be able to properly implement everything inside, simply because they don’t have the patience or ambition required toHINT: If you have a hard drive, garage, or basement full of expensive informational products you never quite got around to consuming — much less using — then you won’t get any value from Brand Barbarian. And let’s face it… this is an awfully pricey book to serve just as more bookshelf decoration.




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