Brad Tipton – Frustration to Freedom
Brad Tipton – Frustration to Freedom
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Brad Tipton – Frustration to Freedom



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Over 3,127 people have used this simple 4-step program to move their lives from public to private, resulting in the discharge of over $12.6 million in debt…

…and you receive all of the tried-and-true fill-in-the-blank TEMPLATES for free!


Your Personality


When it comes to transitioning your life from public to private…


Have you ever questioned why gurus just provide you with fragments of information?


Have you ever questioned why they don’t simply provide you with everything you need to become a Secured Party Creditor?


Have you ever questioned why they don’t supply you with ALL of the materials you need to get out of debt and out of the public “matrix”?


You’re not the only one who feels this way!


I was thinking the same thing!


And I made a promise to myself that if I ever figured out how to transform my life from public to private…


And if I ever figured out how to get rid of debt and discharge it…


I made a pledge to myself that I would not keep any information hidden.


I pledged to tell EVERYONE who wanted to know the EXACT STEPS to moving their lives from public to private…


To become a Secured Party Creditor, follow these steps…


To Get Rid of Debt and Become Debt-Free…


Also, tell them everything else they’ll need to be free!


So, if it describes you…


If that’s how you’re feeling, then…


WELCOME, then! You’ve arrived to the right location!


Here’s How It All Began…


My grandma died away on April 22, 2014, and I immediately began receiving calls and letters from a firm named Reverse Mortgage Solutions.


They wanted full payment for the reverse mortgage my grandmother had taken out on her house, and I didn’t have the funds.


I found information about how to become a Secured Party Creditor and begin to discharge the debt in full with my signature and a few simple forms when searching for guidance online.


This data was incredible!


I’m not sure why I hadn’t heard of it before.


I was ecstatic, and I was telling everyone I knew about this exciting new role as a Secured Party Creditor!


My family and friends assumed I was insane.


Many of them told me I was insane for believing what I did.


But, despite their protests, I didn’t care what they thought…


I got on it immediately away and followed the Secured Party (SPC) gurus’ instructions to the letter.


Unfortunately, nothing they said worked immediately away. But there was still time until Reverse Mortgage Solutions began the foreclosure process.


As a result, I did further research and discovered more parts to the SPC debt elimination puzzle. I quickly put everything I’d learnt into practice, but it didn’t work out either.


For nearly a year, I went through this cycle of failing, learning more, and trying again.


Finally, Reverse Mortgage Solutions foreclosed on the property, evicting me from my home. Everything, even my marriage, was taken away from me. In the end, I was forced to live in a room furnished by a local slumlord. That was all I could afford at the moment.


It was January in Wisconsin, and temperatures dropped below zero, so I froze in that one bedroom for many nights until I purchased a small space heater from Walmart.


I was defeated, powerless, and exhausted.


I felt ashamed at times for believing that the Secured Party Creditor protocols might ever work for me.


But I had a feeling this was real.


Despite the fact that everything I had studied about being a Secured Party Creditor had failed me, I knew there was something true about it.


And I told myself…


“I know this stuff is real, and if I ever figure out how to make it work, I’m going to help others so they don’t have to suffer and lose like I did.”


As a result, I continued to study whatever I could get my hands on. I read eBooks that I downloaded. I went to a few government websites.


I was watching films on YouTube. I bought some programs. You name it, and I’ve done it!


I tried and failed over and over again.


Until one day, I discovered the MAJOR U-Turn!


The Great Reversal


One day, I was particularly angry since none of the processes I had mastered were functioning…


As a result, I made the decision to STOP gathering more information.


I came to a halt and read everyone’s eBooks. I’d had enough of viewing everyone’s YouTube videos.


I stopped taking advise from people in SPC Facebook groups.


The major shift occurred when, rather of attempting to learn more,…


Rather of trying to read more eBooks, watch another video, or learn more…




I began REMOVING items.


Processes that didn’t work were eliminated.


I got rid of the debt collection mailings that didn’t work.


I ceased requesting validations and authentications from the government.


And then… I started getting RESULTS!


I started paying off my debts.


My status was updated.


I finished my UCC-1.


As a result, I was designated as a Secured Party Creditor.


I was having a great time!


I started putting my success to the test.


So, to be sure my results weren’t a fluke or a stroke of luck…


I started putting my methods to the test on others who were having trouble – and they started to win!


I made it simple for them to get out of debt.


I made it simple for them to have their court matters dropped.


I assisted them in cleaning up their credit records.


The ease with which it was accomplished astounded me!


But it’s what happened next that was truly incredible…


I found I was only employing FOUR steps to produce results time and over!


I realized I was writing the identical emails to assist my clients win again and over!


With just FOUR easy processes, I was winning and my clients were winning.


Making a claim for a Live Life


Getting their citizenship status corrected


successfully completing their UCC-1 application


To get rid of debt, you can use the Administrative Process.


And to win, I just used the same letters over and over…


Those letters evolved into the fill-in-the-blank TEMPLATES I utilize for my clients today.


That’s when it dawned on me! It’s as though everything fell into place for me. It’s as if a lightbulb went off above my head. I finally realized that, while there are a plethora of websites, Facebook groups, and YouTube channels dedicated to living in the Private…


There are FOUR things that ALWAYS work!


1) Coming up with a Live Life claim


2) Correcting the status of citizenship


3) Correctly completing the UCC-1 application


4) Removing debt through the administrative process.


In addition, basic TEMPLATES are used.


Using these four easy steps, my clients and I have gone from being frustrated to feeling liberated!


Now is the time to act.


I’ve helped over 3,127 people transition their life from public to private, and I’ve discharged over $12.6 million in debt using my simple four-step process.


You can now do the same!


I’ve got something for you…


And I’ve compiled it all into a brand-new software called…




This simple FOUR-STEP method will teach you:


* How to FIND YOUR CUSIP number so you can figure out how much money is sitting in your strawman account waiting to be spent.


* How to Write a Promissory Note to Send to Lenders and Debt Collectors to Get Rid of ANY Debt (Mortgage, Student Loans, Credit Card Debt, Tax Debt, and More!)


* How to change your citizenship status so that you are no longer subject to Washington, DC’s authority.


* How to quickly transition from public to private life so that you can become a Secured Party Creditor in as little as 14 days!


Here’s What You’re Going to Learn



Learn how to make use of To be added to the “Do Not Detain/Do Not Arrest” list, follow the passport process to rectify your citizenship status… Be free of foreclosure, repossession, and other problems!



Learn how to complete your UCC-1 correctly so that you can establish yourself as a Secured Party around the world. Complete your UCC-1 correctly in about 20 minutes and get it accepted by your local Secretary of State.



Learn how to properly complete and file your Live Life claim so that the entire world recognizes you as a living person rather than a dead strawman, estate, or trust.



Learn how to find your CUSIP so you can use it to generate a Promissory Note and then use the Administrative Process to get rid of ANY debt, including student loans (Mortgage, Car Note, Child Support, Credit Card, Student Loan, others).


And there’s a lot more!


Your Personality

Here’s What You’ll Get…


Your Personality

The Four Essential Training Videos


Simple step-by-step video tutorials that show you “How To Correct Your Citizenship Status” + “How To Complete Your UCC-1 Application Properly” + “How To Create Your Live Life Claim” + “How To Remove ANY Debt” ($997 Value)


Your Personality

Checklist for “How to Find Your CUSIP”


Download my fast tutorial to learn how to use the Fidelity website and find your CUSIP number! (Value: $97)


Your Personality

Access to the library of my “Living In The Private” eBook Series


I’ve written over a dozen eBooks in the last few years. My “Living In The Private Series” library is what I call it. This library contains ALL of the eBooks I’ve published to teach you how to live a successful Private life. (Value $497)




Get Two Free Gifts With Your Purchase!

Because you are a first-time client, I will include these additional bonuses at no additional cost when you enroll in the FRUSTRATION TO FREEDOM program.


Your Personality



(Amount: $1,000)


You’ll gain instant access to my tried-and-true Fill-In-The-Blank TEMPLATES.


I These are the EXACT templates I’ve used to help over 3,127 people change their life from public to private, as well as pay off over $12.6 million in debt!


Your Personality

90 days of one-on-one coaching


($4,800 Retail Value)


I usually charge $400 for a 30-minute coaching session. However, you get unlimited 1-on-1 personal coaching so you can have ALL of your questions addressed and never feel like you’re on your own trying to figure things out.





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