Bradley Batdorf – Monetize Your Site – Brad’s Live Training
Bradley Batdorf – Monetize Your Site – Brad’s Live Training
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Bradley Batdorf – Monetize Your Site – Brad’s Live Training



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On July 23 at 9 a.m. Eastern Time, I will present a 4-hour “live training” in which I will demonstrate how to establish a website from scratch and monetize it indefinitely. Knowing how I created 14,752 websites that automatically gathered material. You will receive all of the.json files used throughout the construction at the conclusion, which you can use as a template to quickly develop new sites for yourself.

Note for all transactions made on Friday, July 22, after 11:15 p.m.

Your registration details will be provided to you first thing in the morning. We needed to get some sleep so that we would be alert and focused for the training. We guarantee that before the course begins, first thing in the morning, we’ll send you the registration link. The email for the training will be delivered directly from Zoom, so be sure to check your junk mail bins. So that we can move individuals from the lobby into the webinar in a timely manner, I would advise arriving a little early. We appreciate your enthusiasm for this live training session.


Conditions for Live Training

Informational property

Bradley Batdorf is the exclusive owner of the content provided in the webinar, unless otherwise stated. Individual presenters may own some of the copyright for the content on our website, which is presented on our website under a license or arrangement. Events and recordings from webinars must only be watched by the registered user; no recordings or copies of the content are permitted.


After the webinar, a copy of the presentation will be made available for personal and non-commercial use only. Without the presenter’s prior approval, no changes may be made to or new versions of the content published elsewhere.


It is your obligation to secure permission for any use of the content that you wish to replicate or make in any other way before doing so. Legal action may be taken for any violation of copyright, including recording the presentation or making unauthorized use of the content.


Learning Results

Bradley Batdorf is not liable for the detailed content of any webinars, quality of presentation or if learning outcomes did not totally match expectations.


From the webinar’s links

Links to other websites over which Bradley Batdorf has no control may be found in webinars. Regarding the accuracy of the data on those websites, Bradley Batdorf makes no claims. The information on those websites is not our responsibility.





By signing up for a webinar, you consent to Zoom using your application information to set up the webinar. On this page of Zoom’s website, you can view their policies.



Up to 48 hours before a webinar event, registration may be cancelled. A cancellation email will be sent as soon as possible if Bradley Batdorf needs to postpone the presentation for any reason.


The webinars are taped

The virtual event facility has a function that enables recording of the audio as well as any papers and other items that are shared or viewed during the session. You voluntarily provide your agreement to such recordings by participating in a session. If you object to the recording, get in touch with Bradley Batdorf well in advance of the web event date to voice your concerns.


Participating in a web event could need you to download the operating system’s software or configure the software settings on your web device the first time you use it. Visit the Zoom support page to manually download the necessary software. Please be aware that in order to manually install software, you might need administrator rights on your computer.




Webinar resources

For your use during or after the webinar, the presenter may offer reference materials. These might consist of, but are not limited to: a worksheet


the slides from the webinar

papers, templates, or other resources that can be used during the webinar

All webinar-related content is still protected by Bradley Batdorf’s copyright. Without Bradley Batdorf’s explicit consent, they cannot ever or in any way be distributed to a third party.









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