Lost Case Rescue Session by Brett and Ethan
Brett and Ethan – Lost Case Rescue Session
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Brett and Ethan – Lost Case Rescue Session



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Save Lost Cases and STOP Losing Deals
You NEED TO close.
Only $299 for a Lost Case Rescue Session.
You encounter a ton of cases, prospects, and suspects every day that you could and ought to be closing but aren’t.
since you lack this particular tool…
The capacity to build intrinsic motivation is the ONE TOOL you need to stop losing transactions.
How much money are you truly losing on lost opportunities every month and every year that you COULD be depositing into your bank account?
In cases that our agents successfully resolve, the average commission is $10,000, but some commissions might reach $50,000 or $100,000.
Therefore, it hurts when you lose 1 or 2 of such cases each month.
This is MEANINGFUL profit; you may use it to pay off debt and achieve financial freedom, buy a beach house, a new automobile, or contribute to your retirement plans.
All of that is now reversible.
You are not generating intrinsic motivation, and that is the one and only reason you are losing deals.
Whether it’s in a Facebook advertisement, seminar invitation, radio commercial, or email, intrinsic motivation is the magic thread that draws in qualified prospects, gets them to meet with you for several sessions, and eventually convinces them to make a purchase.
How can you tell if your intrinsic motivation is weak?
Simply respond to the following inquiries:
Do you ever lose instances that you know you should close (since the prospect met the requirements for your solution, was financially eligible, etc.) but they just didn’t?
When you hear any of the following, do you ever become irritated?
“I believe we’re ok,”
“I have no interest,”
We’ll contact you again.
I appreciate your assistance.
Everything seems excellent.
But first, let me consider it.
“When I get back from vacation, I’ll get back to you.”
We’re currently quite busy.
If you hear any of those, you know that you aren’t motivating people to the degree necessary to clinch a deal or advance the prospect through the sales process.
You may gradually make your prospects aware that they SHOULD be driven and that they need your support WITHOUT telling them by using the Presuppositional SellingTM method that we developed.
An MIT study that identified INTRINSIC MOTIVATION as the key to getting prospects to move in your direction, to interact with you, and then verbalize those new beliefs about why they need to take action, stating them out loud, revealed the secret of Presuppositional SellingTM.
How many more cases would you close if your prospects understood the seriousness of their situation and that they had to act right away to safeguard their cash, retirement, lifestyle, family, and dreams?
If you could incite such intense motive, such as pain, gain, fear, or greed…
Therefore, rather of hearing from YOU as to why they should want it, your prospects were telling you how much they wanted it. Why not close more sales?
You would, of course.
And that’s just what we’ll talk about on September 28 at 11:00 Eastern/ 9:00 Mountain.
How to HOOK uninterested, lukewarm, and uninspired suspects…
and encourage them to buy.
Because they lack the ability to FIND AND DEVELOP intrinsic motivation, agents make the most expensive mistake of all: they allow high quality, wealthy, and affluent prospects who NEED their help to vanish into thin air.
Have you ever met with a prospect, identified their issue, and demonstrated how an annuity or IUL may solve it only to be told, “This looks fine, I’ll get back to you?”
No matter how many sophisticated charts, software graphics, or product presentations you show a prospect, they will struggle to stay in their comfort zone.
They simply won’t move unless you look deep within, locate the motivating factors, and, if necessary, push or stomp on them to make them move.
Anything else is equivalent to
wrongful behavior on your part
You don’t trust me?
Let’s take Steve, one of our members, who emailed me an audio of a call that we both listened to.
This potential customer was “well qualified,” had hundreds of thousands of dollars, was of legal age to move the money without incurring penalties, and he called Steve despite having already lost $200,000!
After this conversation, his prospect hung up the phone feeling content and confident that he would enjoy a respectable retirement.
The opposite could not be truer…
Bob’s retirement is a complete and utter failure.
He’ll probably end up spending the remainder of his retirement in poverty, syphoning money from his children, and working a part-time job just to make ends meet, missing all of his grandchildren’s Christmases because he can’t afford to fly to visit them.
The majority of people think they are doing much better than they actually are, and our industry’s illogical sales presentations and trainings do nothing to assist them realize this.
Put them on the mat.
The most basic rule of human nature is broken when we try to persuade someone to do something by presenting, educating, and persuading them while failing to fully explore their emotional motivations.
The Master Closer’s cardinal rule of persuasion is as follows:
(Tested by MIT and Harvard research)
The prospect will dismiss the conclusion if they didn’t reach it on their own.
This means that until a prospect acknowledges that he does, in fact, have a problem, no amount of sophisticated visuals, software, or training seminars will make any difference.
However, 99% of the terrible training in this field is geared toward “educating” potential clients, “presenting facts,” and “showing numbers” via diagrams or software reports.
It is understandable why the most of advisors never get the kind of income they desire or ought to.
Since the majority of prospects are neutral, they are probably losing 70% of the potential customers.
Personal Effect
Prospects never come to you pleading for help with their issue; instead, they are inquisitive, information-seeking individuals who must be guided, in a sleuth-like manner, to the realization of the dreadful reality of their predicament.
This is the reason Ethan and I are hosting the most significant workshop we have ever held.
We came to the conclusion that understanding and cultivating intrinsic drive is the single most expensive talent agents are lacking after coaching hundreds of agents, listening to their calls, and observing advisers lose case after case after case that they should be closing.
The most crucial sales skill there is is one that is sorely lacking everywhere.
And no, marketing the problem or producing agony are not the goals here. Everyone is aware that sales are crucial to developing pain…
However, the majority of advisors attempt to create suffering by displaying numbers, wins, losses, spreadsheets, software, and cash amounts.
NOTICE: This style of selling does not elicit sufficient intrinsic or emotional motivation to close the majority of sales.
If it did, we would all be closing every offer we presented that demonstrated that our stats were superior to what they were doing at the time.
But we’re not…
How many times have you demonstrated to a prospect that they would benefit more from purchasing an FIA or IUL using REAL NUMBERS, concrete results that can be quantified and proven, yet they never do?
It frequently takes place.
These are the strategies employed by Bungler salesmen that cause prospects who are attempting to prevent themselves from making a mistake to react fatally in the exact same way… The “YEAH BUT” reaction is what it’s called.
“I’m hoping the market will turn around.”
You lose money any time you try to show, educate, or persuade a prospect and they respond with “yes, but…”
You must take the prospect six levels deep, rather than just one or two, to the point where it has the greatest emotional and personal impact on them.
How will it affect their loved ones, their family, their sense of self-worth, their happiness, and their way of life?
You are not truly moving people as successfully as you should be until you reach these levels of motivation…
and for this reason you are losing instances that you ought to be resolving.
“More often than not, just about EVERYONE we speak with has some form of financial issue that needs your assistance to be resolved, but because you lack the abilities to get beyond their barriers, the prospect is left in the predicament they are in… and the sale is lost for you.
Would you be interested in learning how to pique a prospect’s curiosity and draw them in so they reply, “Well, I’ve never thought of it that way?” or “Yeah, I guess I could use some assistance with that.” Or, “I suppose I need your assistance on that.”
In this 4-hour Zoom blitz session, we’ll go over every last detail of how to accomplish that, giving you all the tools you need to help your prospects identify, nurture, and emotionally connect with their driving forces.
I’m arming you with all of my resources to turn you become a MASTER MOTIVATION SLEUTH.
This kind of attention to researching and delving deeply into the motive to move prospects toward the sale has NEVER been taken.
I seriously doubt that this level of intelligence and psychology for discovering and cultivating intrinsic drive has ever been seen by anyone, anywhere.

As a result, if you attend, you won’t merely receive a recording of the 4-hour live session for future listening.




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