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Thursday, January 23, 2014 – Brian


sent by Brian Moran


Re: 15 Minutes or Less to Setup Promoted Posts


Beloved Friend,


Do you often wish someone would genuinely explain to you how to use Facebook to expand your email list?


Do you ever wonder if using Facebook to make actual sales is possible?


Have you ever questioned why Facebook marketing is so effective but no one seems to be seeing any noticeable results?


I completely comprehend.


It’s not your fault; you’ve undoubtedly received a ton of “free advise” worth roughly what you paid for it and are now more perplexed than ever.


It’s alright. Help is coming because this is what I do.


Even without a list or fans, you may dramatically increase your traffic with a $15 promoted post.



You could spend HOURS interviewing business insiders, study EVERY book ever written on Facebook marketing, and really DO this things like I have.




Watch these 5 short videos to learn all I’ve discovered about using brief promoted posts to expand your audience and boost revenue.


No BS and no filler Just the technologies and raw data you need to use Facebook to drive large amounts of traffic.


Here is a SAMPLE of what you’ll learn:



How we made $2,087 in new purchases (with a straightforward $500 promoted post)

How to set up your own sponsored articles quickly (in under 5 minutes) and effectively…

How to attract customers from other companies’ fans to your offers…

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