Brice Gump - Facebook Ad Optimization Framework
Brice Gump – Facebook Ad Optimization Framework
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Brice Gump – Facebook Ad Optimization Framework



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Here is my exact method for optimizing your advertisements to the hilt (so you get the maximum sales for your money) based on the Facebook Ads I’ve managed for dozens of businesses.
My “Test This Next” strategy will assist in transforming your unsuccessful campaigns into successful ones if you’re trying to sell an information product using Facebook Ads (online course, membership site, or high price program).

It’s the same model we employed at my advertising agency to assist with:

Without increasing his advertising budget, an online course designer tripled the earnings from his courses.

One owner of a high ticket offer eventually had success with his advertising, going from receiving 0 to 60 calls per month for his offer and completing deals for five figures profit each month.

During the debut of a new product, a course maker who used this exact same framework saw a twofold increase in sales.

Allow me to provide you the shortcut and demonstrate exactly what to do next to make your advertising campaigns function as you desire, rather than wasting hundreds or even thousands of dollars on try and error


You receive a Google Doc that details the five most typical issues that arise after you launch a new Facebook ad campaign, along with the best practices and solutions for each problem.

A 30-minute training session that walks you through the most typical issues with Facebook advertisements and how to fix them is also included.

With the help of dozens of clients, we’ve sold over $4,500,000 worth of information items using Facebook advertisements, and this is the same strategy we employ whenever we launch an unsuccessful ad campaign.


My name is Brice Gump, and I own an advertising company where we assist owners of infoproducts and those who develop online courses in launching, perfecting, and scaling lucrative Facebook advertising campaigns.

TL;DR: This structure, which I developed as a killer Facebook ads specialist, can help you make your unsuccessful campaigns successful.


– The printable 10-page checklist in PDF format.

– A 30-minute video with examples that demonstrates how to utilize it.




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