Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond - Copy MBA
Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond – Copy MBA
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Cardinal Mason and Chase Dimond – Copy MBA



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Hello. brief introduction


My name is Mason Doerr, but Cardinal Mason is how people refer to me online.


since 2019, a professional writer. I’ve written over 4000 emails, hundreds of ads, sales pages, and SMS messages for some of the biggest brands in the world, generating $30M in revenue for my clients.


50+ one-off projects were completed in 2021 alone while working for 6+ agencies, 6+ companies internally, 10+ personal brands, and 6+ brands.


At my peak, I was making over $40k a month as a copywriter. Nothing major.


My business colleague, Chase Dimond, has generated $250 million in income for his clients and operates an eight-figure marketing firm. He gives a low figure in his bio. I’ve been urging him to do so for the past 12 months.


Let’s move past us. Let’s discuss the real reason you are here.


throat is cleared


This sales page was purposefully left uninteresting.


It is flavorless. It is sauce-less. Nothing is present here.


It resembles the Family Guy episode where Stewie and Brian unintentionally go through time to the moment the universe was formed.


In a sea of white, it’s just you and I.


The information you’re about to learn in the course Chase and I produced will be fulfilled by this sales page.


With just words, one can conjure up a complete world of vision, vibrancy, and vibrant color.


The purpose of Copy MBA is to accomplish three enormously important tasks that will either make or break your personal and professional life.


You should be aware of what you’re getting into before providing us with your credit card information.


1. Copy MBA will teach you how to influence others through written communication.


It makes no difference if you’re a business owner, an employee, an artist, a teacher, a parent, a preacher, or a person in need.


You exist in a world whose operation depends on an equitable transfer of value.


In this world, there are two categories of people: those who are successful 90% of the time and those who are successful 10% of the time.


The 90 Percenters (those who succeed in getting what they want 90% of the time) lead excellent, contented lives with lots of money, happy experiences, and lovely relationships.


Doors will open for them wherever they go, giving them the confidence to do so. literally and metaphorically.


The 90 Percenters can communicate with anyone and build relationships with gatekeepers in particular, gaining access to locations that the 10 Percenters would never see.


In their brief time here, the 90 Percenters experience more of what the world has to offer.


The 10% experience hardship.


The 10 Percenters are unaware of their ability to control their mood and posture.


The key differences between the 10 Percenters and the 90 Percenters are how you position yourself and how you use language.


You’ve always had power over it, and you always will.


The first lesson in this course is how to master written communication and use it like a 90 Percenter.


Whether you require customers for your goods, clients for your business, a job offer from a billionaire, or a politician’s contact information…


When another person is involved, only positive remarks will help you achieve your goals.


That was the first. When you’re finished reading and ready to make a purchase, simply scroll down and do so. I played the fool. You are not required to read this.


You don’t report to me.


However, if you’re interested and willing to give me a few more minutes to get you fired up and prepared to work, continue reading.


2. Copy MBA will show you how to transform words into works of art.


Maybe I’m a dinosaur, but I believe that there isn’t enough art in our lives. And it manifests.


Even in the most routine situations, we used to live among masterpieces every day.


As we strolled along the street, we would pass artistically made buildings.


We would play music. People communicating. Artists.


To show our spouses how much we care, we would read them poems. The poet is a creator. The artistic way we would read it.


Because originality and art are genuinely scarce in the world in which you and I now live, even the tiniest hint of novelty will make you stand out from EVERYONE.


Everything you do should be infused with creative writing.


You should start bleeding.


No matter if you’re writing a journal entry for yourself, a chilly email to an unknown recipient, or a list of 100 recipients…


You ought to express yourself.


Your writing should be engaging and charismatic.


Even if they are not interested in what you are selling, it should give them a reason to continue reading.


Every person has the innate potential to communicate and be creative, but when you go to school and someone tells you that something you said was foolish, some wires get crossed and you give up and turn into a robot that wanders the mall at 5 o’clock for “fun.”


Well-intentioned strangers who don’t know you and don’t care about the consequences wash it out of you.


This course’s creative writing component will reignite your passion for writing and give every piece you produce the infectious energy that motivates your audience.


It is doable.


Even excellent if you haven’t tried.


I enjoy starting over.


You will become the art that our planet so sorely needs if you practice (and watch my lessons) sufficiently.


3. Copy MBA will show you how to demand respect with just your words.


I’ll reveal a secret to you. Providing you keep everything private between us.


Being respected and regarded as an authority has unquestionably…




relating to…


how you appear.


or your scent.


or the vehicle you drive.


or how big your unit is in square footage.


Or which billionaire, politician, or influencer you have saved in your phone.


It all boils down to how you communicate if you want to be appreciated.


The good news is that:


You’ll receive respect for nothing while everyone else is out worrying about the wrong things and spending hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to buy it. just due to the manner in which you speak.


You believe I’m kidding.


Do you have a picture of me?


I seem to be seventeen.


I have a silly smile on my face and a cute little button nose.


Yet within three years of learning how to write like this, I’ve managed to secure multi-five-figure contracts for my agency, persuade some very important people to work with me, build relationships with the richest and wisest people who are occasionally 30 years my senior, and have had a hell of a career.


It’s all due to how I present myself and stand out in people’s email inboxes, Twitter feeds, and WhatsApp conversations.


I’ll show you how to establish credibility and establish oneself as an authority who merits respect.


It’s not challenging. Simply changing your tone of voice will enable you to seem like a true expert.


I don’t mean “professional” in the sense that you hold a high-ranking position at a Fortune 500 firm.


“Professional” in the traditional sense.


You speak with professionalism.


You have expert movement.


You conduct yourselves professionally.


A professional, you ARE.


The word itself has a certain air of mystery, yet you can spot it when you see it.


Additionally, people will be aware of their situation when they see you.


You’ll achieve more with it than you could have ever imagined.


witty fact This sales page is being written before our course has dropped. Therefore, societal proof is lacking.


To persuade you that Chase Dimond and I are the ones you should be purchasing a copywriting course from, I had to draw out the big guns and write 1522 words on this page.


I present my challenge to you now.


Serve as your example to us.


To boost your revenue, improve your KPIs for yourself or your clients, and forge relationships with significant individuals, all you have to do is use the information in this course.


And Copy MBA will feature you on the first page. the fame wall.




The Freelancing Masterclass must be purchased if you are a freelancer (or a prospective freelancer).


You will only receive this amazing discount if you purchase it at the checkout.


It discusses:


1. All the materials required to launch a freelance career


2. How to design an offer that will make it simple to attract clients and secure employment


3. Six alternative strategies to attract customers


4. A breakdown of the complete sales process and suggestions for how to streamline it for yourself (even if you hate selling)


5. Improving service delivery skills, exceeding expectations, and earning referrals for quality work


I’m able to read a room.


You’ve finished listening, and I’ve finished talking.


Let’s start this show off by pressing that big button right away.





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