Charles Miller – Writing To Riches Course Bundle
Charles Miller – Writing To Riches Course Bundle
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Charles Miller – Writing To Riches Course Bundle



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Who It’s For Individuals Who Wish To Become Successful Freelancers.
Those looking to develop and pay for enormous social media followings (especially on Twitter and LinkedIn).

professionals looking to advance their knowledge and earnings.

everyone who wishes to gain additional writing and persuasiveness knowledge.

Who is Teaching You?

Over the past five years, I have written for a living.

I charge 5–10 times more per hour than the majority of freelancers.

In less than two years, I organically grew my info brand to 100,000 followers.

I was able to make over $100,000 a year from both of those.

I also developed both in markets with fierce competition.

Why It’s Best To Buy Right Now

This won’t be a static item.

Instead, for the foreseeable future I’m going to keep posting videos and documentation every few months.

The price will increase as the value does.

Current strategy:

During launch, $97.

After that, $197.

$297 at some point in 2019.

You can purchase it at the current price and receive every update and addition for free if you sign up right away.

Why It’s Risk-Free

At a farmers market, I once spent $5 on a pack of small donuts.

Even though the sample I had was just average, I still decided to buy it even if I didn’t want them.

I was troubled for hours after that. To me, the money had no significance. I was just irrationally upset that I had spent money on something and wasn’t happy with it.

I’m telling you this tedious tale to demonstrate how much I share your hatred of buyer’s remorse and why I’m doing away with it.

Send an email to [email protected] to request a refund if you don’t gain an additional $197 from the course’s instruction, or even if you do but don’t think it was of sufficient value.

You don’t pay if you don’t receive a real benefit. It’s that easy.

A Fallacy of “Do It Yourself”

I made the decision to forgo purchasing any books, courses, consultations, or subscriptions when I first began my freelancing business and educational brand.

I was certain that I could handle it on my own and that this was the best course of action.

In the end, I did receive a response.

The issue was that it took me more than a year to establish myself as a real success story for both revenue sources, and it took me around six months to gain any traction at all.

What I discovered was this…

Finding knowledge is simply a small part of purchasing education.

Saving the 20 hours you’ll spend on research is the other advantage.

And perhaps more significantly, the 6–18 months you might lose by implementing a poor plan.

Do you ever…

What is the value of one hour of your time?

What is the cost of wasting 20, 100, or 1,000 hours?

How much money are you ready to spend to stay out of this DIY trap?

I genuinely don’t want you to waste as much time as I did doing trial and error.

This course package is the ideal resource if you don’t, either.

Now Is the Time to Decide

Nobody enjoys spending their hard-earned money.

But consider this:

You will receive more value than what you pay for even just one client.

Even one successful viral social media post will be worth more than the cost.

You can level up more quickly with my guidance than you ever could on your own by avoiding mistakes.

But more crucially, consider:

How much time your terrible plans will squander.

How much money your faulty plans will cost you.

How it will make you feel if you wait another week, month, or year.

The fact that you can get your money back if you don’t obtain a favorable ROI, making this purchase risk-free.




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