ChartGuys – Essential Candlesticks Trading Course
ChartGuys – Essential Candlesticks Trading Course
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ChartGuys – Essential Candlesticks Trading Course



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Did you realize that the market communicates using candlesticks?

Candlesticks are used to track and symbolize every single deal that takes place on the market. Individual candlesticks depict the full range of market activity during a given timeframe. Each candlestick includes valuable data that may be utilized to figure out what the market is doing, thinking, and, most importantly, what it might do in the future.


This course will teach you all you need to know about Candlestick Analysis so you can get started.


Candlesticks reveal what the market is thinking and planning for the future.


You are either trading blindly or you understand what the candles are saying.


One of the most crucial foundational skills you may have as a trader is an understanding of market psychology.


At the Chart Guys, we find that this is an area that affects traders of all skill levels, from those who are just learning to read charts to those who have been trading high volatility options for ten years.


You can react to price action as it develops if you can read the market.


This course was created to assist our users in comprehending the methodology used to analyze the fundamentals of candlestick analysis and market psychology.


This course will help you comprehend what the market is up to, what it is thinking about, and what might be on the horizon.


You will learn the following throughout the 16 modules of this course:


Why learning how to read candlesticks is essential for success.

Develop your own skill to spot market trends and react to them.

Gain a better knowledge of Market Psychology and how it affects price movement.

Understand the meaning of individual variations and distinguish between different types of charts.

40 different candlestick patterns must be recognized, interpreted, and acted upon.

Use key candlestick patterns to validate all of the strategies taught in this course. Candlestick patterns are a powerful, highly visual trading style that can be used to validate all of the tactics taught in this course.

We appreciate your taking the time to read this and hope you find this course to be educationally beneficial.









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