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What Is TikTok Ads Mastery, and How Do You Get It?
We’ve been assisting brands and influencers with TikTok scaling for the past two years.

In 2022, find out how businesses and influencers are crushing it on TikTok. You can build a big following around yourself and your business by following a basic TikTok process. The 5-phase TikTok Ads Mastery curriculum will show you not only how to scale from running outrageously profitable ads, but also how to “hack” the TikTok algorithm to draw millions of views to your page for free (organically).



When you join TikTok Ads Mastery, you’ll have immediate access to the following resources:

1. How to Use Viral Marketing to Completely Sell Out

Use The Step-By-Step Viral Formula To Drive A Flood Of Free Traffic To Your Page & Site To Sell Out Your Business. Make Use Of A Proven Blueprint Developed By Viral Brands And Companies.


Followers: 10,000


100k Views100k Views100k Views100k Views100k View


1,000,000+ Views


100k Followers on Creatives


2. Loadout of Strategic Accounts

Create a TikTok profile that can help your business generate sales, leads, and engagement. TikToks’ Complete IOS 15 Bypass Method can be used to implement all tracking measures.


Forms for Lead Generation


BusinessBuilding Profile vs. TikTok PixelSpark AdsCreator


Connection to a Catalog


3. Creating a blueprint for “THE WINNING AD”

Use the “Winning Ad” Blueprint that is specifically tailored to your company. To scale content production on autopilot, assemble a pipeline of top-performing ad creatives.


“Creative Formula for Success”


Pipeline for CROScaling


Research that is innovative


Streamlined Information


Making Copies


4. Steal Traffic from Your Competitors

Using Secret Audience Structures, steal your direct competitors’ traffic and customers. Use custom retargeting ads to encourage customers to check out with up to 400% higher conversion rates.


Enhancements to BudgetEvents are being tested.


Audience Research


StackOptimizations StackOptimizations StackOptimizations StackOpti


Targeting Using Hashtags




5. Scaling at a High Rate

Learn how to scale your ad spend to $1k, $10k, or even $30k per day with consistency and predictability. Creating A Tidal Wave Of Expansion & Growth


Daily Scaling of $1k, $10k, and $30k




Spending Reductions


Scaling Up Quickly


Maximize Results with a Creative Refresh







Chase Chappel – TikTok Ads Mastery Course 2022




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