Chase Dimond – The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook
Chase Dimond – The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook
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Chase Dimond – The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook



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Even if it’s been a while since you’ve ever sent an email in your entire life it will work for you.

The Q4 period is the most anxious period for all businesses that sell on Ecommerce every year.

In addition to make matters worse, the costs of advertising have almost doubled, shipping expenses are rising as are supply chain systems that have been completely non-reliable over the last year.

Marketing and founders are designed to fail.

Although Q4 is said to be the most profitable quarter because of Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Christmas period…

All that is possible to go wrong are happening.

Like always, owned media might prove to be all to let Ecommerce businesses to thrive.

In the context of the term owned media, I’m talking about the email list you’ve accumulated on your site since the time you started your business.

The list contains 10,000 emails who have chosen to receive your marketing email list. 10,000 leads for free that are warm and eager to purchase from you.

To tackle the issues marketers and founders face when trying to acquire more customers…

I’ve designed The Ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Playbook.

After more than a decade of experience in email marketing and more than 5 years of experience in Ecommerce I’ve collected everything I’ve learned about creating an efficient strategy for driving record-breaking revenues in the days of Black Friday & Cyber Monday.

Don’t make any mistakes.

Even if you’ve set up email flows within Klaviyo (or any other software you’re using for email) and a plethora of campaign ideas are ready to go out isn’t a guarantee that you’re prepared to go through BFCM.

Email Marketing strategies must be changed during this time.

Every brand that is high-end is doing something unique and communicating with their customers in an innovative method.

If you continue to do the same thing you’ve been doing, and don’t make these necessary changes the customer will pick the other company every time.

It doesn’t matter if your offering 95percent off.

You can’t compete.

Inside the ultimate BFCM Email Marketing Handbook I’ve included my top strategies and tools that will provide an assurance that you will make an impressive profit for your client or brand in Q4:

  • A brief overview of the general Email Marketing strategy, understanding why you must implement the strategies I teach
  • Creative campaign ideas that transform like a maniac (before, after, and even after BFCM)
  • Flow/automation concepts are ignored by the vast majority of companies (before and during, as well as after BFCM)
  • High-converting, tested and proven slide copy you are able to copy directly from my slides, and then paste into your emails.
  • An easy step-by-step guide to acquiring more email subscribers and always being their most-loved emails that they receive in their inbox
  • How can we increase deliverability and get them to their main tab when it is important the most


Also, you’ll learn about my proven abandonment strategy that keeps 120 percent warmer leads than the current flow configuration.

I’ve never seen anyone else accomplish this. The results we saw last year with this method were truly mind-blowing.

There isn’t a fake scarcity in this game plan.


I highly suggest to invest in this source the earliest you could.

BFCM is scheduled to be held very shortly. To get the most effective results, it’s crucial to begin early.

The final thing you’d like to avoid is to hurry through the procedure, fail to complete certain steps, fail to capitalize on leads, and lose out on the revenue.

In my ideal situation, all the ideas I present in the playbook must be established and understood during early October. Anything beyond the second week in October is a risk and could result in poor outcomes.

The ideal time to start is now.

I’ve never heard or seen anyone else from the Email Marketing community share what I’ve written in this playbook.

The closest to an “magic bullet” that exists to implement this type of plan.

Naturally, you personal imagination and ideas will help you transform these ideas from an 11 to a 10…

There isn’t anything missing in this book.

Everything you require to generate 50% or more in revenue from email-attributed for BFCM is available here.

If you do exactly what I’ve taught, you’ll enjoy an extremely profitable Q4s you’ve had with your brand or client.

To be ahead of each brand in the race to get your interest during Black Friday and completely wipe them off…

Buy it today!




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