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Serious, in-depth training in the most advanced and well-researched authority, leadership, charisma, and compliance method ever devised:


The pendulum concept and how it affects every interaction, as well as how much trust someone has in you


Experiments, psychological study, and even films of the pendulum method in action have all been examined in depth.


Video examination of an experiment that causes participants to disregard their own sense of right and wrong, analyzing the specific process that causes this.


The authority triangle is the magic formula for human interaction.


Comprehensive and extensive evolutionary psychology-based analysis of human obedience and how to exploit it to activate the brain’s obedience’reflex.’


A mind-blowing self-evaluation revealing the specific reasons why you aren’t obtaining results based on your own lifestyle and behavior.


Detailed recommendations on how to correct the behaviors and achieve quick outcomes


Techniques and approaches for increasing compliance with just your words


Techniques that use your body movements to elicit consent within one second of the dialogue starting


The suggestibility indicator that you’ll never hear anyone else talk about because I discovered it after 20,000 hours of in-field research.


How to briefly raise someone’s suggestibility in any conversation


How to read between the lines in any discussion and see what’s going on behind the social mask




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