Cherie Yvette - Amazing Showdown Bootcamp
Cherie Yvette – Amazing Showdown Bootcamp
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Cherie Yvette – Amazing Showdown Bootcamp



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This course is a live online 12-week bootcamp where we will learn how to gain control of our business, run sponsored products with ease (making them profitable), and bring in new customers like clockwork. We’re going to hear every secret, process, and tool Cherie Yvette uses for her 7, 8 and 9 figure Amazon clients.

if we want to build a thriving, lasting business on Amazon, you need to advertise, and we need to learn how to do it profitably. With advertising, we have control. Control over how many people will see our listing. How many customers we’ll have. How many sales we’ll make.

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  • 1 – Showdown Free training.
  • 2 – Act 1 Stake Your Claim.
  • 3 – Act 2 Law and Order.
  • 4 – Act 3 Feared and Deadly.
  • 5 – Q & A Sessions.
  • Process Maps.
  • Q & A Timestamps.
  • Study Guides.
  • Templates.


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