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Cherry Loudon – Buying and Selling Domain Names


One of the easiest ways people have increased income is from buying and selling domains.

Buying a website domain then selling it for a profit – is not new. People have been doing this as early as the internet has been around.

With domain hosting sites like GoDaddy, buying and selling domains is easier than ever.

I want to help YOU get started!

I wrote this eBook to guide people through this process. I want to gift you your time by explaining everything I learned through trial and error to become proficient in this field.

Table of Contents

I cover each of the following topics

? Introduction to Domain Selling

? Choosing Winning Domains

? The Value in Aged Domains

? Domain Parking 101

? Dropped Domains Dissected

? Back-ordering Domain Names

? Selling your Domain Names

? Domain Tasting Revealed

? Conclusion: Final Words

? Tools & Resources

What if I don’t have a lot of money to get started?

Fortunately for you, costs to get started with domain flipping are low. You can get started with this process with as little as $100.

You can purchase domains for as little as $9.99 and sell them for 10-100 times your initial price.



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