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Chris Munch – The Loci Cycle
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Chris Munch – The Loci Cycle



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The Loci Cycle, a new course by Chris Munch that teaches people how to earn $2,000+ for fresh new push-button news websites that take less than 30 minutes to build in the world’s trendiest niche – bitcoin, covers everything from the basics to the advanced.
Source: AmpiFire | November 07, 2021 22:10 ET




(GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — London, United Kingdom, November 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —


Chris Munch, the founder and CEO of AmpiFire, and his partner Jay Cruiz announced that the Loci Cycle training course was now available for enrollment at a special launch price of $3495 with a slew of complimentary features. The Loci Cycle is a comprehensive digital marketing approach that enables entrepreneurs to generate a six-figure online income or expand an existing firm using a single system.


At, interested parties can join a free live online class to learn more about Chris Munch’s business concept and the Loci Cycle system.


Those looking to start their own bitcoin businesses may find Chris Munch’s new Loci Cycle method to be an excellent resource. The Loci Cycle method assists consumers in obtaining everything they need for their internet business, including strategy, tested offers, marketing, and traffic. It allows users to achieve freedom and independence in their personal and professional lives.


The method also comes with all of the training and knowledge customers will need to follow The Loci “Flip” Formula step by step and earn $2,079 per week or more.


Participants in the Loci Cycle course learn how to build, stack, and expand their income using a strong amplification approach. They are given a tried and true strategy for automatically building brand new news content sites in the Crypto sector. They learn how to attract new and exciting content for their audience while also earning a lot of money.


Anyone can start producing risk-free profits from any niche, even crypto, with the Loci Cycle simple 3-step system.


Chris Munch provides detailed instructions on how to use the Loci Cycle site builder and an unique traffic-generation strategy to create successful crypto sites as part of the course.


Participants will learn how to use a secret AI-powered technology to generate buyer traffic, as well as successful techniques and tactics for advertising business products and services on Google News, high-authority blogs and news sites, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, and other platforms.


A 12-week live video course, Q&A sessions, mastermind sessions, the Crypto Loci Farm minisite builder, one-on-one coaching training classes, access to AmpiFire, and several incentives worth thousands of dollars are also included.


Chris Munch is the creator of the course. In the internet marketing field, he is a traffic generating specialist, top affiliate, and successful entrepreneur. PressCable, AmpiFire, VidBullet, and the 100K ShoutOut are among his successful software inventions.




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