Chris Orzechowski – Quick And Dirty Sales Letter
Chris Orzechowski – Quick And Dirty Sales Letter
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Chris Orzechowski – Quick And Dirty Sales Letter



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Quick & Dirty Sales Letters is an online class that walks you through my process for writing “good enough” sales letters fast.


Chris Orzechowski – Quick And Dirty Sales Letter

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Full disclosure: this course will NOT help you write those 146+ page Agora-level sales letters for big publishers in the most competitive, cutthroat direct response markets.

This is not going to help you write the next End of America, 2-hour VSL promotion and make $200 million.

Not at all.

What this WILL do is give you the exact framework I use to bang out sales letters fast… and to write them in a way where you know that as long as you have a good product and as long as you’re sending targeted traffic… you can sell your product or service.

I like writing things the “quick & dirty” way.

Hell, this sales letter only took my about an hour to write.

Inside the course, I break down a few more sales letters I wrote that only took me a day or so. In Fact, in addition to the template and training… I actually include FIVE complete line-by-line breakdowns of sales letters I’ve written… where I walk you through exactly what I was thinking and writing in each step.

So if you’re into writing hard and writing fast and writing to actually SELL (instead of trying to compete to see who the ‘best copywriter is’)… then this course is for you.


Here’s What Life Looks Like After Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

  • You cut the time it takes you to write a sales letter in half!
  • You have a formula to follow that works for just about every product or service you could ever think of.
  • You no longer suffer from “blank page syndrome”… that painful condition where you feel like punching yourself in the face because you have no idea where to even start.
  • Your sales letters look, feel and read better.
  • Your copy becomes more organized.
  • You start selling more.
  • If you’re a copywriter… your clients become impressed with how awesome your copy is.
  • You spend less time in front of the computer (in agony) and more time doing the stuff you love.

Here’s What’s Included In Quick & Dirty Sales Letters

  1. My 20-point sales letter template that I use to guide my writing for every sales letter I write. It’s broken up into sections that give you a proven formula for assembling sales letters fast.
  2. A video training on how to use the template, so you can simply “fill in” your copy into the right sections… and end up with a sales letter that gets the job done and makes sales.
  3. A breakdown of a sales letter I wrote for a physical product that ended up making my client a lot more than he expected.
  4. A breakdown of a SaaS Product sales letter I wrote, which shows an easy way to “pare down” my template into even less steps… while still having a smooth, flowing letter that sells.
  5. A line-by-line breakdown of a sales letter I wrote that wound up earning $1,000,000+ sales in 13 months flat. Since then, it’s been consistently chugging along earning over $50k/month (this is probably a conservative estimate) for my clients.
  6. A breakdown of a sales letter for a digital course that only took me a day to write.
  7. A breakdown of a sales letter I wrote in a “hobby market” that launched a brand new product with great success.


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