ClickMinded - SOPs Library
ClickMinded – SOPs Library
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ClickMinded – SOPs Library



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I bet something like this has happened to you:

  1. You read a post about the SEO trends to look out for this year
  2. The post suggests that you should check your site for technical errors
  3. You decide to perform an SEO audit of your site, but when you’re supposed to start, you’re more like ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Swap “SEO” for email marketing, social media, or whatever other digital marketing channels—and that’s how most of the digital marketing content out there works.

That’s because most of the digital marketing content you’ll find online is not designed to help you grow your business

…it’s just designed to get your attention.

In many ways, reading digital marketing blogs is no different from browsing Instagram or watching any of the 8 shows about the Kardashians.

Most digital marketing content is just cheap entertainment disguised as information.

This was a huge problem for us when we were growing our business—most of the stuff we read online was super generic or vague.

No one was sharing what we really wanted to learn: the nitty-gritty details of how to perform tasks and build processes that actually help you build and grow a business.

So we decided to do something about it.

We have spent hundreds of hours creating documents, walkthroughs, and templates to run complex digital marketing campaigns for our business.

These are our Standard Operating Procedures, or SOPs.

SOPs are EXTREMELY DETAILED instructions that anyone can follow to perform a specific task with 99% accuracy.

  • Want to hire a VA to run a link building campaign for your new blog? There’s an SOP for that.
  • Need to implement events to track button clicks on your site? There’s an SOP for that.
  • Wondering how to launch A/B test on your sales pages? There’s an SOP for that.

We create SOPs for everything in ClickMinded’s day-to-day operations. From small tasks that take a few minutes, to complex processes that have dozens of steps.

SOPs allow us to operate large and complex campaigns (like launching a product or creating six online courses simultaneously) without overlooking important steps—which leads us to drastically reduce the number of mistakes we make and increase the effectiveness of our marketing strategy.

We quickly realized this is EXACTLY what we wished we had just a few months earlier.







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