Codie Sanchez – Contrarian Cashflow
Codie Sanchez – Contrarian Cashflow
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Codie Sanchez – Contrarian Cashflow



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the reason I began Contrarian Cashflow
I used to despise my job, put in 65–70 hours per week, and was a slave to my salary six years ago. In essence, I felt like I had no control over anything in my life, let alone my day to day. Despite having a degree, a title in investment banking, a ton of experience, and what appeared to be a pretty glitzy life, I was miserable and stuck in a never-ending cycle.


The tale has changed somewhat since then. I’ve reached that elusive, albeit constantly shifting, financial freedom threshold. I have ownership stakes in more than 25 small enterprises, and I adore every minute of the life I get to live.








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