Cole Gordon - Closers Into Leaders
Cole Gordon – Closers Into Leaders
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Cole Gordon – Closers Into Leaders



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Closers IO is an education and sales and training firm. We don’t sell any business opportunity, “get rich quick” program , or money-making method. We believe that through knowledge, individuals will be better equipped to make informed investment decisions however we cannot promise success with our training. We do not make any earnings claims, claims about efforts or make claims that our education will earn you money. The content is intellectual property, and is covered by the copyright. Any reproduction, duplication or distribution is strictly forbidden. Please refer to the Full Disclaimer for more information.

Investments of all kinds carry the risk of to lose a portion or all of your capital. The advice given is general in the sense that certain strategies might not be suitable for everyone or in all scenarios. We make no claims about the probability or likelihood that any particular investment will yield a certain result or be successful in any regular manner.

The statements and representations are the views, conclusions or experiences of people who have generally purchased education and/or training. The results vary, aren’t typical, and depend on individual effort, effort and expertise and also on various other factors and conditions. We don’t measure financial or earnings performance. Instead, we monitor complete transactions and the satisfaction of services via surveys conducted by volunteers. It is evident that there are a majority of Advanced Training clients who apply the course. It is not advisable to be able to equate successful sales closing transactions with financial success transactions. In addition, many customers are not able to continue the program, fail to implement what they have learned, or attempt to implement the lessons they have learned but aren’t able to make sales that are successful for them.




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