ConversionXL, Dan McGaw - Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack
ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack
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ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack



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Truly reliable tool integration happens two ways. First, give your engineers a structured integration plan to head off any development delays. Second, hack together the tools File Size:1.88 GB

ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack

ConversionXL, Dan McGaw - Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack

Become great at optimizing your marketing tech stack
Make all your marketing tools play together to make more money

Get a unified view of your customer journey, and track full ROI of your marketing. Learn to evaluate, eliminate, and integrate the tools that will drive growth for your business.
Online course

By Dan McGaw, CMO @EffinAmazing

8-class online course
With the right set of tools, you can finally get the marketing results you’re aiming for

What’s a marketing tech stack?

Marketing tech enables you to piece together different useful tools to track the full customer journey while measuring the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Your “martech” stack might include marketing automation software, tools for analytics and data piping, a CRM, support and live chat systems, community forums, prospecting tools, and more.
It’s nearly impossible for most businesses to build the right stack from the beginning – unless you get expert help

With dozens of competing tools to choose from in each of these areas — and the teeth-gritting, time-wasting frustration of integrating multiple platforms using code or APIs —

During this 8-class course, marketing expert Dan McGaw will show you how to evaluate, eliminate, and integrate the tools that will drive growth for your business.
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You will learn exactly how to:

Choose and set up the right tools — No more throwing away your monthly marketing budget on forgotten or useless subscriptions
Build a taxonomy guide to scale your business — Imagine the confusion you’ll sidestep by helping all your team members use the same words for the same concepts
Integrate tools to build a holistic marketing machine — Stop exporting and importing data from one platform to the next
Set up to put your customer data to work — Use your existing data to create a better customer experience that drives higher revenue
Track lead and engagement scoring to identify hot leads — Instead of guessing who might be ready to sign up or buy
Get shit done without engineering — No coding required
Convert more customers using your tools — Set your stack up once and watch it do the heavy lifting for you

What effective marketing tech stack will enable you to do
Confidently pick the right tools for your business

There are so many tools on the market right now (7000+), it can be hard to even choose an email provider. Using Dan’s quick product evaluation matrix, you can be sure you’re committing to the right platforms.
Build an integration plan & make your tools talk to each other

Every marketing tech stack requires integration. Getting the planning right is the most critical part of creating a successful stack, which is why this course includes templates to guide you through the planning process.
Discover the keys to seamless integration

Get immediately download ConversionXL, Dan McGaw – Optimizing Your Marketing Tech Stack

Truly reliable tool integration happens two ways. First, give your engineers a structured integration plan to head off any development delays. Second, hack together the tools you need (with zero coding skills required).
Earn a raise or promotion for upgrading your analytics & operations skills

Marketing technologists are some of the highest-paid marketers. During this course, you’ll learn the fundamentals of marketing operations and how to set up your analytics tools for useful data — making you a much more valuable team member.
Improve your sales & marketing conversion rates

Once your new tool stack is up and running, you’ll be able to automate processes you’ve always done manually. You’ll run tests across multiple channels, platforms, and audiences (and your analytics alone will tell you exactly what is or isn’t working). With all of these processes operational, you’ll see conversion lifts in every area of your sales and marketing.
This course is right for you if …

You’ve explored some marketing tools, but haven’t decided which will yield the best value
You’ve begun to collect data from various tools, but need to fit all the pieces together
You’re interested in learning more about marketing automation, analytics, CRMs, data piping, support systems, live chat system, forms, & prospecting tools
You have a general understanding of marketing automation & integration, basic Google Analytics reporting skills and some technical know-how (or Zapier experience)

This course is probably not for you if…

You can’t stand looking at numbers, graphs, or data, and you’d rather just trust your gut
You’re not currently working with any sort of marketing tech or tool
You’re looking to learn about advertising or content marketing tools
You want to dive deep into technical integration using Google Tag Manager or code

Skills you should have:

A general understanding of marketing automation.
Basic reporting skills using Google Analytics.
A basic understanding of how to integrate tools.
Some technical know-how and Zapier experience.

Laura B.

Director of Media & Digital Strategy @ Mandala Agency


The content is insightful, actionable and doable.

I appreciate the range of topics and the talent and expertise of the presenters. I’ve grown more as a marketer in the last several months than I had in years before.
Alex B.

Paid Search Analyst @ ConversionWhale


CXL Institute has helped me tremendously in my journey to become the best digital marketer I can be.

It has opened my eyes to the capabilities of tools like GTM and Google Sheets. You guys have humbled me by teaching me that there’s so much more to learn!
Ap S.

Account Manager @ ePPC Digital


CXL is just the best place to grow for a marketer. I learned more in a few months via CXL than what I learned in 8, 9 months on my own.
Dan McGaw

Dan is a seasoned veteran of the growth marketing and analytics space. His expertise lies in helping businesses extract and interpret the right data to grow their revenue exponentially.

He’s the founder and CMO of Effin Amazing, an analytics and marketing stack agency specialized in using data and analytics tools to increase mid- and bottom-funnel conversion rates. He’s also the CEO and Founder of, a leading tool that helps brands track their marketing campaigns with UTM links.
In just 8 sessions, you’ll be able to:

Select & integrate the right tools for your stack — Feed your business more complete, useful insights
Choose analytics tools that will work for your brand — Learn to differentiate between similar platforms’ features, and pick the one(s) that will help grow your business
Bring a detailed implementation plan to your team — Win everyone over, even your engineers
Selectively analyze your data to make informed business decisions that improve conversions — Run the reports that matter, and tune out the noise
Automate your marketing and lead-gen systems — So your revenue grows accordingly
Build a data taxonomy guide and analytics spec to keep your data structure accurate — No more mislabeled data. No more tool sprawl. No more team members having different ideas about what to call a customer.

Sneak preview: Lesson 1
What is a Martech Stack and how does it solve my marketing problems?

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Your full course curriculum:
Optimizing your marketing tech stack
What is a Martech Stack and how does it solve my marketing problems?

Contrary to common practice, a marketing tech stack is more than just the motley collection of tools you’ve been using to run campaigns. This class will cover:

How to think about your stack, and the types of tools it should contain — You might just be overlooking a platform that can grow your business

What problems the right stack can help you solve — Freeing up more time through automating your lead-gen and follow-up processes is just the beginning

Choose the right tools for your stack
Integrating the stack
Building your stack taxonomy
Data driven analytics
Capture emails and generate more leads
Automating your marketing
Relationship management with CRMs
Show off your new skills: Get a certificate of completion

Once you’ve completed the course, take a test to get certified in building a marketing tech stack.

Add your certification to your resume, your LinkedIn profile, or just get that well-earned raise you’ve been waiting for.
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