ConversionXL - Google Analytics Master Course
ConversionXL – Google Analytics Master Course
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ConversionXL – Google Analytics Master Course



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In 8 sessions, you’ll learn
ins and outs of Google Analytics; how data is collected, prepared, and analyzed.
how to customize everything about Google Analytics to go beyond the surface of the platform and find more relevant insights.
how to analyze the performance and ROI of SEO, PPC, social media, and email.
Are you struggling to make your Google Analytics data actionable? You’re not alone
You know that your Google Analytics reports are full of insights, if only because Google Analytics itself promises to help you turn “insights into action.”
The problem? All you see when you open it up is raw data. Where are the insights telling you how to solve your most challenging business problems?
The truth? You have a ton of insights waiting for you in Google Analytics.the trick is simply knowing where to look and what to make of it.
Get skills businesses are desperate for
If you’re in marketing consulting, you might know how much demand there is for analytics services. It’s a vastly underserved market – there’s huge demand and not enough supply of analytics expertise.
Year after year, survey after survey, company executives are saying what they value in marketers is knowing how to use digital analytics more effectively.
90% of Google Analytics configurations are broken
Do you trust your data? Do you deeply understand what your data means, how it is collected, and what you can answer with it?
Most websites are not measuring everything that needs to be measured, and the data they are collecting isn’t reliable. Data-driven decisions aren’t worth a thing if the data can’t be trusted.


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