CX Academy - Customer Experience 101
CX Academy – Customer Experience 101
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CX Academy – Customer Experience 101



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What is CX Academy?




CX Academy – Customer Experience 101

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CX Academy is an industry-leading online course that teaches you everything you need take your first steps in becoming a CX superstar.

CX Academy is an 8-lesson online video program. Total program running time is roughly 2.5 hours. Additional resources include 4 ebooks, 1 excel template, and all lessons are available in presentation format.

Customer Experience 101 (+VAT)

Of course high quality comes with a price tag but we want to make sure that as many as possible is able to take our trainings – At the moment you are able to join the CX Academy basic course with just (+VAT). This price includes everything you need to get certified + the certification.

Why get certified?

– You’ll be recognized as a certified customer experience professional.

– You’ll get the latest industry knowledge around customer experience to stay ahead of the curve.

– Exclusive opportunity to join our community at CX forum and explore unlimited opportunities to network with industry experts, influencers, and our thriving community.

– Everyone who enrolls in CX Academy will get the opportunity to become a contributor for the Feedbackly Blog. Your post will be put in front of thousands of readers!


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